1-A House That Values Cunning Wizards

2-Emerald And Silver Are Fashion Forward

3-The Coolest Common Room and The Train Cabin

4-You Never Take No For An Answer

 5-Merlin Was A Slytherin

 6-Snakes Are A Symbol Of New Beginnings

7-You’re Probably Good At Occlumency Like Snape

 8-Your Rivalries Are Always Epic

9- You are Amazing at Survival skills and Potions (Thank you Snape)

Slytherin Dungeon | Harry Potter Wiki | Fandom

Published by: Potterheadaanya

I am die heart POTTERHEAD !!!!! I love reading books my favourite are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Malory towers, French girl in New York series and Mind Reader I also play guitar and listen to music as a pastime.

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