Patronus Part -2 (Obviously)

Magpie (Patronus) | Wiki | Harry Potter Amino

Hi Potterheads so today I wanted to tell you about my Patronus a magpie (which I happen to share with the Weasley twins). Those with the Magpie patronus have an impressive mind. Although they may not see it, conjurers of the magpie are often very intelligent. Perceptive, those with this patronus are often able to understand and process information exceedingly fast. … Those with the magpie patronus strive for better.

Why don’t you all tell me yours I will tell you something special about it. Can’t wait to find about it 😊

11 thoughts on “Patronus Part -2 (Obviously)

  1. Hey! Cool post and congrats on 20 followers (I only just saw). Could you tell me the correct web address of the wizarding world website? Thanks!

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