Mystery Blogger Award

The Mystery Blogger Award – Part 6 – _ForBooksSake

Thank you soo much Introverted Thoughts for nominating me, it means a lot me. If you haven’t checked out her amazing blogs do check them out here and here. Do check out her post here.


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My answers:

1.Who or what is your biggest inspiration and why?

Again I answered this in my last post

2.Have you ever seen a ghost? Or would you want to?

No, and never, though the HP ghosts don’t seem that bad.

3.Which is your favourite book and why?

Can’t answer that sooo many books

4.Have you made any predictions?

Once in art period I told my teacher that my friend will arrive at 4:55pm sharp and guess what she did, so yes and I made a prediction which to my utter disbelief came true.

5.Imagine you were fated to remain a fictional character forever. If you could only choose between Voldemort and Dolores Umbridge, whom would you choose?

Voldemort, I loathe pink.

Three things about me

1-I always wear black or grey.

2-I love paying instruments.

3-I love solving equations.

My Nominees:

Anyone who is reading this is nominated

My questions

1-If you could then which character in a book series would want to become?

2- If you could make one thing illegal, what would it be?

3- Name a place that you want to revisit?

4-Your favorite festival?

5-Name your favorite chocolate?

The links to my best posts

I don’t really have a best post but maybe this one, I suppose Collab with Aditi

Thank you for reading and thank you once again Introverted Thoughts for nominating me.

Stay safe!!

Liebster Award#2 And The Small joys Tag!!!

Thank you sooooo much Aditi di for nominating me it means a lot to me😀


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My Answers:

1-Describe yourself in 5 words

A music lover, introvert, studious, a book-worm, nerd

2-What is your favorite color?

Black, grey

3-Which country would you like to work in/live in?

I am happy in India only I don’t want to change it.

4-Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

ME Ok so maybe that is a bit over but I believe that I am my inspiration and I should do what I want to and keep doing it like that, I believe that I have to be me and that is all(believe me even I don’t get my logic).

5-What was/is your favorite subject in school?

Maths or Science

6-What do you want to be when you grow up/Would you like to change your career now?

Can’t say

7-Why did you start blogging and why on WordPress?

A school computer project

8-What are your favorite bands or singers?

Rock Gods, Elvis Presley, Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez and so many moreI can’t even name.

9-Do you think that the egg came first or the hen?

Depends on the situation(I picked that from the movie Secret Superstar)

10-Which Harry Potter character do you relate to the most?

Luna Lovegood

11-Which Percy Jackson/The Mortal Instruments Character do you relate to the most?

Annabeth Chase

My questions:

1–During online classes these days how many times have you searched the answers the teacher is asking on the internet?

2-What is your greatest wish?

3-Do you like emojis or not?

4–Who is your favorite author?

5-Your favorite book series?

6–Are you talkative or silent?

7-One thing you dislike or like about any of your favorite author?

8-Do you have siblings?

9-Do you play any instruments?

10-Introvert or extrovert?

11-Your hobbies.

My nominees:

1-Somedatta Sengupta


3-Introverted Thoughts



6-Ashee Asiwal




10-Dulcy Singh


And there are so many others I want to nominate but I can’t, next time

The Small Joys Tag

Yayy!! I got tagged in this by MaeFlower if you haven’t seen her blog then what are you waiting for, and thank you so much MaeFlower for tagging me. Do check out her post here


  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you
  2. List 15 of your small joys
  3. Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy-feel free to say why😙

My joys:

1-Losing myself in the amazing world of imagination when reading a book.

2-Playing instruments, mainly guitar.

3-Listening to music.


5-Writing and doodling

6-Researching on something, anything I like to know facts about it.

7-Reading the newspaper, its fun.

8-Helping my friends and teachers.


10-Reading and thinking of an alternate ending to a book.

11-More reading

12-So many others I really can’t think of

13-Reading, writing


15-And the process repeats

I tag

1-Aditi Gupta

2-Introverted thoughts

3-Dulcy Singh

4-Nehal Writes

5-Anyone else who wants to be tagged, there are just so many so let me know in the comments.

And once again thank you Aditi di and MaeFlower for nominating me and tagging me.

Stay safe!!

Happy Friendships Day People!!!!!!!!

Soooooooooo, Happy Friendships day!!!!!!!!!!!! And in honor of friendship, here are a few of my favorite Harry Potter quotes about friendship, but first Happy Friendships Day to all of you who take the time to read my posts!

Harry Potter friendship quotes
Harry Potter friendship quotes
Harry Potter friendship quotes
Harry Potter friendship quotes
““No, Harry, you listen,” said Hermione. “We’re coming with you. That was decided months ago — years, really.” — Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
Friendship Day 2019: Here are 10 quotes from Harry Potter and friends
Friendship Day 2019: Here are 10 quotes from Harry Potter and friends
Harry Potter friendship quotes
“But the mere fact that they were still there on either side of him, speaking bracing words of comfort, not shrinking from him as though he were contaminated or dangerous, was worth more than he could ever tell them.” — Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince 
Harry Potter friendship quotes
“Until the very end” — Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Do tell me your favorite quote HP or not and the ones I have forgotten to add, I will end with this,

“Because we not only believe in the Faraway Tree and love our funny friends there, but we go to see them too – and we visit the lands at the top of the Tree as well!” “Hatred is so much easier to win than love – and so much harder to get rid of.””

-Enid Blyton, The Folk of the Faraway Tree

Stay safe!!

Patronus Part-7

If you have produced an albatross Patronus, you have a happy-go-lucky personality and enjoy throwing caution to the wind. The Dementors would be unlikely to get you down with this giant feathered friend soaring in to save the day. It is the rarest Patronus on Pottermore.

Natalie McDonald

Natalie McDonald, a first-year student in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire was named after a real girl who died of leukemia. She wrote to J.K. Rowling asking her what would happen in the next book because she wouldn’t live to see it, but by the time J.K. Rowling replied, Natalie had died.

The Story of Natalie McDonald, Harry Potter Fan that Died because ...
Natalie the girl who died


So I searched all the HP character and actor birthdays and do tell me in the comments sections who do you share yours with, since I don’t share mine with anyone😞😢😭


1st – Verne Troyer (Griphook the Goblin)

8th – Actor Freddie Stroma (Cormac McLaggen)

9th – Severus Snape, and Actress Imelda Staunton (Dolores Umbridge)

22nd – John Hurt (Ollivander)

26th – Gilderoy Lockhart

30th – Lily Evans


3rd – Actor Warwick Davis

6th – Arthur Weasley

9th – Actor Ciarán Hinds (Alberforth Dumbledore)

13th – Luna Lovegood

17th – Actress Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley)

21st – Actor Alan Rickman (May he rest in peace)(Severus Snape)

22nd – Actress Julie Waters (Molly Weasley)

23rd – Actress Kelly MacDonald (Helena Ravenclaw)

25th – Actors James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley)


1st – Ron Weasley

10th – Remus Lupin

15th – Actor Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood)

20th – Actor David Thewlis

21st – Actor Gary Oldman (Sirius Black)

27th – James Potter

30th – Actor Robbie Coltrane (Rubeus Hagrid)


1st – Fred & George Weasley

9th – Kathryn Hunter (Arabella Figg)

15th – Actress Emma Watson (Hermione Granger)

28th – Horace Slughorn


1st – Griphook

5th – Actress Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown)

13th – Actress Zoe Wanamaker (Madame Hooch)

15th – Pomona Sprout

24th – Actor Jim Broadbent (Horace Slughorn)

26th – Actress Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange)


5th – Draco Malfoy

6th – Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy)

27th – Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom)

28th – Dobby


4th – Actor Ryan Turner (Hugo Weasley)

9th – Actor David O’Hara (Albert Runcorn)

10th – Actress Fiona Shaw (Petunia Dursley)

20th – Actor Jeff Rawle (Amos Diggory)

21st – Actor Jamie Waylett (Vincent Crabbe)

22nd – Actor Rhys Ifans (Xenophilius Lovegood)

23rd – Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)

26th – Producer David Heyman

27th – Actor Rade Sherbedgia (Gregorovich)

30th – Actress Frances de la Tour (Madame Olympe Maxime)

30th – Neville Longbottom

31st – Harry Potter,Actor Richard Griffiths (Vernon Dursley), & not to forget our dear creator JK Rowling


Albus Dumbledore (date unknown between July and August, 1881)

8th – Actress Katie Leung – Cho Chang

11th – Ginny Weasley

16th – Actress Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood)

17th – Actress Helen McCrory (Narcissa Malfoy)

22nd – Actor Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley), and Percy Weasley

24th – Actor Jimmy Gardner (Ernie Prang), and Actor Rupert Grint (Ronald Weasley)

25th – Actress Angelica Mandy (Gabrielle Delacour), and Actor Simon McBurney (Kreacher)

26th – Dolores Umbridge(who cares, I pity the person who shares her birthday she didn’t possess the great qualities and our charming nature which us Virgos have)

29th – Actor Lenny Henry (Shrunken Head)

30th – Actor Peter Cartwright (Elphias Doge)


10th- Director Christopher Columbus (Director of Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets)

19th – Hermione Granger

22nd – Actor Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy)

26th – Quirinus Quirrell

27th – Actress Margery Mason (Hogwarts Trolley Lady)

Between September 1st and October 31st, 1977 Cedric Diggory was born. His birthdate has never been confirmed.


1st – Actor Richard Harris (Albus Dumbledore)

4th – Minerva McGonagall

17th – Filius Flitwick

19th – Actor Michael Gambon (Albus Dumbledore)

30th – Molly Weasley


1st – Actress Natalia Tena (Nymphadora Tonks) and Lavender Brown

3rd – Sirius Black

8th – Actor Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley)

24th – Actress Shirley Henderson (Moaning Myrtle)

28th – Alfonso Cuaron (director of Prisoner of Azkaban)

29th – Bill Weasley

30th – Director David Yates

30th – Actress Clemence Poesey (Fleur Delacour)


2nd – Actor Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas)

6th – Rubeus Hagrid

10th – Actor Kenneth Branagh (Gilderoy Lockhart)

12th – Charlie Weasley

22nd – Actor Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort)

28th – Actress Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall)

31st – Tom Riddle / Voldemort


How did that happen!! I never knew that I could get so many!!!! Thank you all sooooo much and a special shoutout to MaeFlower for being my fiftieth one.


I was so enthralled to see this notification when I woke up this morning!!!!

Thank you everyone for following me each follow makes me my day!!

Stay safe!!

Liebster Award

Liebster Award GIF | Gfycat

Thank you so much Dulcy for nominating me for this award it means a lot to me. So let’s get into it.


1-Thank the Blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

2-Answer the 11 questions given to you.

3-Nominate 11 other Bloggers.

4-Ask your nominees 11 questions.

5-Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post.

My Answers:

1-Do you like stories ?

Yesss! I love reading and writing stories.

2-Which country do you belong to?


3-When is your birthday ?

12 September

4-Suggest me a story theme.


5-What inspired you writing blogs ?

I actually started it as a computer project in school. I imagined it to be over in a month I never knew that I would get a follower. And that I wanted to share my HP knowledge.

6-If you have a wish then what would it be?

Living in a library, though these days it is to start going back to school.

7-Describe yourself.

I am an introvert and a book worm.

8-What is your favorite place you want to visit again?

Right now school🤣

9-One weakness you want to overcome.

Stress or my impatientness (is that a word?)

10-What were your learnings durning this Corona pandemic.

I learnt a lot of things on my computer. And a lot of household chores.

11-Your favorite song / quote.

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”-HP Song- This is me-Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas

My questions: I pass the same ones as I quite like them.

My Nominees:









8-Simple Little Things


10-Tanner Shurtliff

11-Somedatta Sengupta

And to all the others I am sorry that you didn’t get nominated, it’s just that there are so may of you.

Coming to an end once again thank you sooooo much Dulcy for nominating me it made my day. To all of my followers who haven’t seen her do check her blog out.

Stay Safe!!

Collab with Aditi

Hey everyone!!!!! Its Aditi and Aanya here, and we’re here with a special collab!!!! For convenience so that you guys (and us) know who is saying what, Aanya’s font color will be blue and mine will be orange. Soooo,

Today’s theme is…… Harry Potter!!!!

Harry Potter: one of the most loved book series in this century, is an amazing world created by the talented author J.K Rowling!! Today we’ll be sharing some amazing quotes and facts on Harry Potter that you probably didn’t know!!!

Alohamora! and we’ve unlocked the secrets!!

  • Much like the Harry Potter movies, the Warner Bros. logo gets darker and darker with every new instalment of the beloved franchise! Woah that’s something new!! Who knew? I noticed but ignored it to be fair!😀
  • In Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, J.K. Rowling’s published Harry Potter books can be seen in a shop window when Harry gets lost in Knockturn Alley!
  • Before joining the Battle of Hogwarts in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2, Professor Slughorn takes the time to drink a vial of Liquid Luck!
  • A 3D model of the Deathly Hallows symbol is visible in Dumbledore’s office in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, showing that the filmmakers were aware of what direction J.K. Rowling was taking the books.
  • Ron’s robes appear to have faded in Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets and are noticeably dingier than Harry and Hermione’s. This is to show that Ron’s robes were likely passed down to him by another family member.
  • During his battle with Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2, Snape sneakily knocks-out two Death Eaters before taking their wands and escaping!
  • If you watch the Quidditch World Cup sequence in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire closely, you’ll see that Dobby has an extremely brief cameo in the movie!
  • Newt Scamander has a brief cameo in Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban! The character is shown walking the halls of Hogwarts on the Marauder’s Map!

And something extra:

Many of us have wondered what Grindelwald meant when he said,”Will we die, just a little” this could be a reference to MACUSA’s seemingly arbitrary death penalty. Earlier in the film, Grindelwald (as Auror Graves) sentenced Newt (because he knew Dumbledore had sent him to foil his plans which he had successfully managed to) and Tina (since she helped him) to death after accusing them of setting the Obscurus loose on the city. So yes naturally, Grindelwald had to be disappointed and said this to Newt indicating that he will have his revenge.

Sooo! now that it is done what do you think of it? Do let us know in the chat and tell us that should collab again or not😊?

Taking a leave from you all,

Mischief managed!!