Ravenclaw #2

When thinking about the name “Ravenclaw” a little more, it could also mean “black claws” of a bird, so an eagle with dark talons. The golden eagle, which is native to Eurasia and North America, has dark claws. Its plumage is dark brown, with some gray on the inner wing and tail, and a paler, typically golden color on the back of the crown and nape that gives the species its common name.

The eagle is meant to represent that Ravenclaws “soar where others cannot climb” so there is meaning there. It doesn’t seem to be in the nature of Ravenclaw to choose a raven solely because there is a raven in the house name unless there is other meaning they would wish to ascribe to that symbol.

When is a raven like an eagle? When it's on the Ravenclaw house ...

A note- Do not ignore

To whoever who first started this meme, I am addressing you so listen up don’t you dare insult my house you filthy little mudblood. Do it again and I will ensure that Crabbe and Goyle beat you up, we Ravenclaws know what we do. Ravens may be intelligent but Rowena Ravenclaw had valid reasons so get over it, OR MY FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS😡(I just had to put it in there).

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Stay safe!!