A Remembrall is a magical large marble-sized glass ball that contains smoke which turns red when its owner or user has forgotten something. It turns clear once whatever was forgotten is remembered.

Neville received one in his first year (which also helped Harry in becoming a seeker), but neither the books nor the movies tell us what he forgot. But if you look closely, Neville had forgotten his cloak.

11 signs you're totally Neville Longbottom from "Harry Potter ...
He isn’t wearing his school robes.

Do tell me how many of you knew that and had noticed it.

“I Hate Paris”

 So hey Potterheads, I was just watching the Fantastic Beasts movies again, and I noticed that Grindelwald said that he hated Paris here is the reason why. Grindelwald is basically Hitler. Hitler, when his forces were leaving France, issued orders that Paris was to be destroyed, this is perhaps a nod to that. Next, Grindelwald’s main goal is to start a war, and despite his speech he hates muggles, and destroying muggle civilization is part of his master plain. Finally, it would create a major problem for the magical governments and anything that keeps them busy on other things benefits him. So, tell me what you think of this theory and if you have another one of your own.

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Peeves wasn’t really meant to be cut out. He was actually played by Rik Mayall, but was scrapped during editing because of his inconsequence to the plot, and to save time. We don’t know for sure that, that is the reason behind his cut role, but Rick Mayall did mention how his jokes caused distractions on set, with him causing the child actors to break character every time cameras rolled. He also told that he didn’t know that after him filming the scenes for three weeks why the studio cut his scene without information, he only found out when that his role had been cut after the movie was released.

Ravenclaw #2

When thinking about the name “Ravenclaw” a little more, it could also mean “black claws” of a bird, so an eagle with dark talons. The golden eagle, which is native to Eurasia and North America, has dark claws. Its plumage is dark brown, with some gray on the inner wing and tail, and a paler, typically golden color on the back of the crown and nape that gives the species its common name.

The eagle is meant to represent that Ravenclaws “soar where others cannot climb” so there is meaning there. It doesn’t seem to be in the nature of Ravenclaw to choose a raven solely because there is a raven in the house name unless there is other meaning they would wish to ascribe to that symbol.

When is a raven like an eagle? When it's on the Ravenclaw house ...

A note- Do not ignore

To whoever who first started this meme, I am addressing you so listen up don’t you dare insult my house you filthy little mudblood. Do it again and I will ensure that Crabbe and Goyle beat you up, we Ravenclaws know what we do. Ravens may be intelligent but Rowena Ravenclaw had valid reasons so get over it, OR MY FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS😡(I just had to put it in there).

Also, I won’t be posting next till I at least get 15 LIKES on this post and 5 MORE COMMENTS.

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

100cobbledroads wins Sunshine Blogger Award! –

Thank you The Simple Little things so much for nominating me!! It means a lot to me. To all of my followers who don’t know her do check out her blog, it’s quite interesting.

So getting started on it-

What is Sunshine Blogger Award?“This is an award honoring bloggers who inspire creativity, positivity by bringing sunshine in the blogging community. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee and should be extended and awarded to anybody that you choose deserves it.”


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My answers:

1-How has the blogging experience been to you guys till now? Till now it has been amazing. Though I do wish that there could be a faster way to get more followers.

2-Which is your most favorite preset to use in your blog or even in your photos. Rounded

3-Your most favourite Spotify/Apple music playlist. I don’t have a playlist on Spotify/ Apple.

4-If you do have a bullet journal, what is your theme this month? I don’t have one.

5-What productive things have you been doing to keep yourself busy?Playing Guitar, Reading, Studying, Beatboxing and more reading.

6-Your favourite Youtubers. I don’t watch youtube.

7-Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names? None

8-A movie you’d like to watch in the weekends. Fantastic Beasts and Crimes of Grindelwald(even though I have watched it more than 80 times).

9-One drama novel you’d like to read again and again. Drama by Raina Telgemeier.

10-What kind of smell (musky/fruity/floral or any other kind) would you like to be in your perfume? Floral

11-You’re most favourite meal of the day. Dinner

My Nominees:

1-Aditi Gupta


3-Dulcy Singh



6-Tanner Shurtliff


8-Never Not Reading


10-Jumbled Mumbles

11-D.I.Y-ing Machine

My Questions:

1-If you were to live in a storybook which would it be, and what character would you be in it?

2-Your favorite book series.

3-Do you have a pathetically annoying younger sibling, if yes then name their most annoying habit?

4-Do you like changes and trying new things in your life?

5-Name the Harry Potter character you loathe.

6-Which magic school would you prefer-Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, Hogwarts or Ilverrmony?

7-Your most annoying habit.

8-One thing you dislike about any of your favorite author.

9-Do you believe that our sun sign affects our nature?

10-Are you talkative or silent?

11-You favorite graphic novel.

Thank you all for reading this post, I would love to know your answers even if you didn’t get nominated, and I would like to thank The Simple Little things once again for nominating me.

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Blood Pact

A blood pact is a type of magically binding agreement between two parties who share their blood. It could be made by the parties cutting their hands with their wands and interlacing them and making the desired oath. Upon doing this, two glowing drops of blood would raise from their palms and mingle into one.A pact the two of them made, swearing they would not fight one another. A pact that looks as though it will have dire consequences if broken. Similar to the Unbreakable Vow, it can be presumed as J.K.R. hasn’t revealed what would happen if we break it.

Blood pact | Harry Potter Wiki | Fandom

About Moi

So, hey Potterheads I wanted to tell you all a bit more about me. So here it goes:

My name is Aanya as you all know, I am 13, I love Harry Potter(🙄not that hard to figure out is it?). I also like Enid Blyton’s books, Raina Telgemeier’s graphic novels, Katrina Kahler’s books, Anna Adams’ French Girl and American Girl series and so many other books that I lost count. Oh and not to forget Eoin Colfer’s amazing Artemis Fowl. I think I forgot to write Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene. I love so many books that apparently I keep losing track, so careless of me therefore I apologize to all the other amazing authors I have read and forgot to mention, I am truly sorry. I also like singing, the amazing classical dance-form of Kathak (don’t judge me I can be pretty boring sometimes), playing Sudoku (again I know too boring), playing instruments mainly guitar, shading and (dramatic effect) Beatboxing (I love to save the best for the last). I also like to break the stereotype that girls can’t Beatbox and that boys are better Beatboxer than girls. And I absolutely LOVE studying especially Maths and Science😁.

If I had to compare myself to a HP character than I will take pride in saying that I may be Hermione in many ways but I am a total Luna and I can be as annoying as Neville sometimes when I talk about things I like, okay maybe a lot annoying like Colin Creevey, maybe? JUST maybe. I don’t obsess over people like Colin, but a lot over books and more or less I talk so much that I have the superpower of making a much-loved thing so annoying and boring.

Do tell me what you think of me in the chat. And I would love to know about you guys too!!😀😁

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Did you know the actors of Harry Potter were asked to bring their homework to the sets when they were filming the great hall studying scene, so that it would look realistic and they won’t lag on their studies?

Study Hall | Harry Potter Wiki | Fandom