150!! Oh and Ginny Weasley

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Yessssss! I got 150 followers its soo amazing, it made my day.

Ginevra Molly Weasley

  • Bonnie Wright Had No Experience In Acting When She Landed The Role Of Ginny Weasley.
  • Ginny’s Patronus Is A Horse.
  • Bonnie Wright Had To Wear Hot Water Bottles In The Chamber Of Secrets.
  • She’s The Best At The Bat-Bogey Hex.
  • Bonnie Wright Thinks Ginny Would Have Been Just Fine Without Harry.
  • Bonnie Wright’s Brother Thought She Fit The Part.
  • Ginny Played Quidditch Professionally.
  • J.K. Rowling Tried To Show Comparison Between Ginny And Other Girls At Hogwarts so that she could give a hint to her readers that they will end up together.
  • Bonnie Wright Was Sorted Into Gryffindor Just Like Ginny.
  • Ginny Is Gifted Because She Is The 7th, for more info check this out.
  • Ginny And Voldemort’s Wands Share The Same Wood, bet you didn’t see that coming.
  • Bonnie Wright’s Favorite Ginny Quote Is “Good Luck”.

Once again, thank you so much for 150 followers.

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