The Folklore Book Tag!

Thank you Introverted Thoughts thoughts for tagging me, it means a lot to me, check out her amazing blog here. I would also love to thank Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink for creating this incredible tag!


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The Faraway Tree series, I loved the teachings, I first read it in Grade-3 but I still read it again and again.

Artemis Fowl, its amazing and I loved when Holly Short was free, but I was sad when I learnt Artemis was so cruel but I am glad t learn that he changes in the future.

Harry Potter or Percy Jackson

Sherlock Holmes

Twins series by Katrina Kahler a few parts in every book.

Malory Towers, specially Darrell and her temper.

Noddy, I still reread it, its the best.

Enid Blyton all books(I have mentioned Blyton a lot of times and I still will as she is the best).

Yet to read something that is like that.

Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, I had started to hate detective books at a particular time and it came in my life at the perfect time and I regained my interest.

Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase

Goosebumps it gave me goosebumps.

Nancy and Ned from Nancy Drew series.

Lunaaaaaaa or the Weasley twins😍😍

Pride and Prejudice or The Blue Umbrella or The Adventures of Rusty.

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1-Aditi didi




5-Tia@Tall blonde tales


7-Anyone who wishes do tell me and I will tag you

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Harry Potter Theories

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Here is my favorite (and JKR’s one of her favorites) theory here it goes:

Dumbledore is Death

In the Deathly Hallows, we hear a story within a story: “The Tale of the Three Brothers,” centered on the myth of the Peverell siblings. In the tale, each of the three magical brothers attempts to cheat Death of his due in various ways. Many fans have compared each of the three brothers to the story arcs of Voldemort, Snape, and Harry. Voldemort echoes the story of the eldest brother, who believes he can defeat Death with massive magical power but eventually fails because of his own hubris. Snape represents the middle brother, who is consumed by his grief over a lost love, Lily Potter. Finally, the youngest brother is a representation of Harry, who manages to hide from Death for a long time before willingly going with him and embracing his own demise. In many ways, Dumbledore can be seen as representing Death from the fable. He possessed all three Deathly Hallows at one point, gave Harry the invisibility cloak of the youngest Peverell brother, was at least partially responsible for the demise of both Voldemort and Snape, and is the character who greets Harry when he “dies” and goes to King’s Cross station. While we’ll probably never get an actual confirmation of the theory, Rowling herself has gone so far as to say that it is her favorite theory of all time and that “It’s a beautiful theory and it fits.”

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Ideal Inspirational Blogger Award Again

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award IV – It's all about Inspiration

Thank you so much Janis for nominating me for yet another Inspirational Blogger Award, it means a lot to me, she is an amazing blogger, check her blog here.



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My Answers:

How would you spend your next birthday if it were to be your last?

I would eat a lot of chocolates and maggi and pasta.


Who is the most influential person in your life?

Everyone as they all teach us something new.

Do you have any ‘silly regrets’? I mean, those little things you wish you’ve said or done? If so, care to share?

Once, I don’t want to tell everyone.

A fictional character that you would want to meet?

I answered this in my last award post.

Do you prefer e-books over hard & printed ones? Why?

Hard and printed ones as they are the best and the fragrance of the pages is the best.

What quarantine habits would you carry on post pandemic?

Blogging and household chores(ok I am pretty sure I won’t have an option my mom will force me too😂).

I nominate everyone and pass the same questions, and once again thank you Janis and I would appreciate new post ideas.

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Umbridge-itis was an illness feigned by many Hogwarts students during the 1995–1996 school year.
Provoked by: Dolores Umbridge

In retaliation for the new Headmistress, Dolores Umbridge’s tyrannical rule, the students used the Skiving Snackboxes sold by Fred and George Weasley to create temporary illnesses, with symptoms such as fainting, vomiting, developing dangerous fevers, or spurting blood from both nostrils. The illness can be traced back to Fred and George Weasley, the progenitors of the Snackboxes and who encouraged the students to rebel against Umbridge.

These massive waves of illnesses led Umbridge to scream and shriek with rage upon entering the classroom. Despite her efforts to trace down the source, the students stubbornly told her they were suffering from “Umbridge-itis”. Taking it as an insult, she put four successive classes in detention. But after she failed to discover their secrets, the headmistress was forced to allow the students to leave in droves.

Skiving Snackboxes | Harry Potter Amino

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3 in one Award Post

Thank you Tia for nominating me for THREE awards, it means a lot coming from an amazing blogger like you, for those of you who haven’t followed her, go check out her blog here.

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My Answers:

How do you motivate yourself when things are challenging? 

Believing I can do it.

What quality do you look for most in a friend? 

Willingness to help, intelligence, patience and they should be good listeners I talk a lot nonstop.

What are your favourite hobbies? 

Reading, guitar, beatboxing, writing, doodling and the list goes on.

What inspires you to keep blogging? 

All the nice comments and follows😁. And the amazing friends I make.

Who is your idol and why? 

Kaila Mullady - Home | Facebook
Kaila Mullady

There are rarely any female Beatboxers and she is one of them.

If you could do anything for one day, how would that day look? 

The best day of my life.

What’s your least favorite food and why? 

I just don’t know why

If you were a scented candle, what scent would you be? 

I am allergic to scents, so I won’t be able to be one.

What’s your favourite candy/sweet? Why? 

Merci or Lindt I can’t answer why.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Explain 

Introvert, I don’t now how to explain, its just in my nature.

If you could meet any fictional character (from a book or movie) who would it be and why would you want to meet them? 

The Weasley twins, (I need ideas for pranks) or Darrell Rivers from Malory Towers (I need to learn how she controls her temper(most of the time)).

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award


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My Answers:

If you could turn into any aquatic animal, what would it be and why? 

A dolphin as they are the second most intelligent creatures and I like their playful nature.

What, in your opinion, is the perfect ice cream sundae? 

Chocolate ones, with nuts and gems.

Are you an ‘in the spotlight’ person or a ‘behind the scenes’ person? 

In the spotlight person.

What is one thing you’d love to be really great at? 

Sports, I am not good at them, except a few.

If money/funding was no problem and you created a foundation/charity, what cause would you be supporting and why? 

Study equipment for orphans and needy.

Outstanding Blogger Award

Outstanding Blogger Award | Chateau Cherie


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My Answers:

Are you an indoor or an outdoor person? (Name a favourite activity for the location you choose) 

Indoor person, and reading or doodling.

What would your superpower of choice be? (You don’t just have to pick the standard ones – get creative!) 

Reading minds and charmspeaking.

My nominees for the Liebster Award

1-Tanner Shurtliff


3-Dulcy Singh

4-Aditi♥️ didi




8-Somedatta Sengupta



11-Dolly Vas

My nominees for the Inspirational Blogger Award:




4-Anjali Khanal





9-Aakash Choudhary

My nominees for the Outstanding Blogger Award

1-Ashee Asiwal

2-Selina’s Blog of Everything!!!

3-Rishika Jain


5-Introverted Thoughts


7-Nehal Writes




11-Shanessa ❤️💗

My questions, I have answered 18 questions, you can choose them as their might be things you want to keep personal, can’t wait to read your answers.

There were soo many I couldn’t nominate and so many amazng blogs I had to leave out, I promise I will nominate you next time and once again thank you soo much Tia for nominating me for these awards. Even if you weren’t nominated I would love to know your answers in the comments.

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