A Few Thoughts

Hey people what’s up(please don’t tell me sky, I am sick of that rubbish)

Anyway, I was thinking, since I looove thinking and when I put my mind to it I figured a few things as per logic, tell me what you think of these rubbish logics.

Sunshine daisies butter mellow,turn that stupid fat rat yellow!

This spell was one which Fred and George told Ron, as we know they are the best pranksters in the history of pranksters, we can’t be sure if it’s a real one but if we think clearly what if it didn’t work on Scabbers because it was Peter Pettigrew who was an animagus not a real rt.

Voldemort could have easily been a ghost.

Correct me if I am wrong(my mind is full of notes for exams), but if we think clearly Voldemort didn’t want to die, so in a way along with seeking power, he was maybe(in my opinion) scared of death, maybe if Voldemort hadn’t split his soul he could have become a ghost, or even with splitting his soul, why didn’t he become one?

These are all my thoughts not facts, please feel free to correct me in the comments and I appreciate constructive criticism.

41 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts

  1. I do agree with the rat one! I thought of it once too! 😃 But I really don’t agree with the ghost one, he didn’t turn into a ghost because he didn’t leave an imprint of himself in the world, he left a piece of his soul on the earth. Does that make sense? 😅😜

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  2. The Peter Pettigrew thought is something I thought off too – much later when I was rewatching the movie.

    And I agree with Introverted Thoughts – Voldemort loved having power over others which he would have lost if he would have become a ghost. His idea was to live forever as the most powerful wizard in the world.

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