Did you read this

Read the entire news here.

Also I was thinking of asking you all is my blog name fine, I have seen many bloggers change it to something more unique and Soaring Firebolt looks a bit dull so should I or is it fine, do tell me in the comments.

68 thoughts on “Did you read this

  1. I think the name’s great. In fact, it was the word “Firebolt” that grabbed my attention and I first came to your site… But yeah, a Soaring Nimbus 2000 wud be fine too πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ (jk)

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  2. Your blog name … is absolutely awesome … this name grabbed my attention … you have earned a great name and fame through this name … don’t let it go !! The world knows you knows you by this name

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  3. You should! My suggestions are A Die Hard Potterhead’s Life/A Potterhead’s Life or A Die Hard Potterhead’s Blog/A Potterhead’s Blog. I hope this helps! Also, I’ll be careful, but I don’t use plugins anyway.

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  4. Thanks for sharing that, I didn’t know !
    I always really liked you name bc the firebolt was Harry’s fav and a gift from Sirius❀️I love it and it’s really sums up ur blog !

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