Agatha Christie

I forgot to post this post yesterday, IDK why…….

Agatha Christie's Biggest Mystery – John Greco Author/Photographer

Happy Birthday

So anyway 15 Sep is the birthday of the great, the one, the only Agatha Christie, and on this day I want to share with you all the biggest mystery she left unsolved, tell me your opinion on why she disappeared in the comments……

Click here to read more about it

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49 thoughts on “Agatha Christie”

  1. She disappeared? Anyway, a very, very happy belated birthday to Agatha Christie🎉🎉🎊🎊 Her ‘A.B.C Murders’ is a forever favorite. Even though she is no more, she will always live on through her work. Thanks for sharing this, Aanya!

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  2. Of course Agatha Christie wold have a mystery around her😂 I really would love to read more of her books because The Murder on the Orient Express was a fantastic read!! Do you have a favorite of her novels?

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      1. Umm, no, she disappeared for 11 days, just like it happens in one of her books, and reappeared on 14th Dec, and claimed she suffered from amnesia and couldn’t remember anything……
        It’s all explained in the article

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      2. I’ve read the article now. I should have read it first. Yes, it is indeed rather mysterious. I guess that all we can do is guess. Perhaps you shod write a fictionalised account of what you think happened in the style of Ms Christie. Do you ever write fan-fiction?

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  3. She was one of my favourite … I read her book and then there were none
    And murder on the orient express … they were literally lovely … 😭😭 why did she disappear!! A very happy belated birthday to her ❤️❤️

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