The best

So, today I created 2 different blogs on different sites and have officially come to a conclusion……..

WordPress is the best of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can visit my other sites here (blogspot) and here (weebly) but wordpress is way more better and it will stat as my main site, yayyy!!!!!!

Do tell me which of these sites you like best……….

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44 thoughts on “The best

  1. AYYYYY YOU HIT 300 TOO!!!
    (mind if i edit my post and link it here? you’ve hit 300 too, it’d be awesome if we could “twin”)

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  2. Cool! I love designing websites with Weebly but there are technical issues I’ve run into there that made it not fun. πŸ˜… yes in my opinion WordPress is the best! πŸ’–

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  3. Hey, Aanya! Thank you for following me on Pinterest. I was just thinking about this topic for past few days. But you know, Blogger might be better in the long run if you want to buy a domain and monetize your site without going self-hosted. Getting a custom domain on requires you to upgrade to the different plans, which costs nearly $56 a year (Premium one), whereas on Blogger, a custom domain is $10-15 a year with free hosting. Also, a Blogspot blog can be integrated with AdSense, whereas on you have no option other than WordAds whose rates are much lower. Plus, Blogspot is primarily integrated with Google services like Google search console, Google Analytics whereas on you’ll need additional plugins to install the same. The major drawback of Blogspot is that it’s incredibly hard to discover new blogs, whereas on WordPress, the Reader does this great job.

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