Just some bibliophilic things #3

Hey people!!

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So for the first time ever I am doing a meme!!!!!! This was created by Riddhi@ Whispering Stories

So today’s question is

Which Rick Riordan series do you like the most? The original Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo or Magnus Chase??

Honestly I like Magnus Chase, but Percy Jackson is way more awesome at times!! Trials of Apollo is a close second (or third) and Heroes of Olympus is the last 😦 because it was just so depressing……….

Check out her today’s post here if you want to participate! Thank you Riddhi!!


Hey people, just dropped by, my exams are over and I have a book review lined up in a day or two…….

Just wanted to tell you that I made my book available as a paperback too!!

And take a look at this


I hope I reach the top 100 in anthologies soon……….

Anyway, how was your day? I would love to talk to you all, also any review on the divergent series, I am about to start reading it…………