To all the Fictional Characters out there

When in the sun I lay
All those crystal memories
Those make my day

All the books I read
All the lives I lived
While sitting on the bed
Dreading your end

Year after year
Each 500 pages i read

Each year hoping for the end
Yet every time anxiously waiting for it not to happen

I cried for you
I laughed with you
I fought along with you
I hushed those mocking tones for you
I lived for you
I died for you
I rejoiced with you
I grew up with you
I grew up for you
And yet you left me
You left me alone to fend for myself 
All of you left me
In this cruel harsh world

You left me alone in the real world
You may have given me a much needed break from the my world
At a place where I belonged
But you still left me

After all I did for you
You still left me 
In reality

This is to all the fictional characters out there as a punishment for stomping over my heart, after all the sleepless nights, all the times I waited and all the times I got in trouble for reading in class.

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74 thoughts on “To all the Fictional Characters out there

  1. Am glad u understand this …… it’s so cruel of them .. I’ve too been caught by teachers fr reading in class .. n punished .., sometimes my teachers snatch d books n return them after a week n once there was this teacher who never returned my Harry Potter n d philosophers stone until d end of d session .. ( class 6) ……. I’ve had sleepless nights waiting fr my owl .. my letter to Hogwarts

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  2. True…. well, who’s ur fav fictional character? …
    I read ur book yesterday… beautifully written … Something that no-one’s ever penned…👍
    Btw how d’ya publish your writings?

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  3. Ahhhhhh, this is the story of my life! My half social life is fictional!😂
    I need fictional people to be real!🤧🤧
    Oh, and you’re reading Hunger Games? Oooh, those were goooood, just way too many deaths😭

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  4. This sounds so enchanting, Aanya! When a good book ends, it feels like you’ve lost connection with a close friend.😣Btw, I just started my blog today. If you have time, would you mind checking it out?🙃

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  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh why do the most amazhang characters have to be fictional 😭🤧
    this is so relatale like why r they not real!
    Very heartfelt poem aanya 👏🏻

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