Hey you all!

Hello my fellow homo sapiens (ok that sounded wayyyy better in my head)
So it has been long since I really interacted and had a post like that, (not that long but I noticed that people have stopped talking, so uh yeah)

So uh basically I got this idea from Riddhi and Pannaga who got the idea from Pannaga’s guest post for TWC.
So uhh, thank you both of you!!!!

So you all just have to write your first impressions about me and what you think off me now!!
I would really appreciate them, I’ll respond to them in a different post!!!!

Also in March I kinda hit 500 followers and just wanted to say thank you for that too!! (PS I am so close to 600, I’m currently at 589 mind helping me out, *wink wink*)

Yeah that’s all, how has your day been today, mine has been exhausting since I started 9th grade yesterday
ALSO I STARTED 9th GRADE YESTERDAY, I AM SOOO HAPPY!!!!! (But it is quite tiring too)

55 thoughts on “Hey you all!

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAY CONGRATS FOR 589!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My first impression was that you were a crazy potterhead (in a good way 😌)
    Now I still think that you’re a Potterhead, but you’re also poetic, creative and AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. I first thought that you’re a Potterhead(ofc) and a secluded blogger but I now know that you’re not at all secluded, you have two published books already and that you’re simply awesome!

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  3. “Fellow Homo sapiens”… haha… I should think of a nickname to call my readers…

    Good luck! Is 9th grade also a different school for you, like it is in most of the US, or are you at the same school you were before?

    I didn’t have a good day… my work is kind of a mess right now, and I got pushed out of a Facebook fan group that I’ve followed for years, for having the wrong opinion on something :\

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    • Maybe, I just call them what my mood says!
      I’m at the same school and I don’t live in the US
      Aww, that’s so sad, maybe you might wanna join with another account?
      Do you have any impressions?


      • I know you’re not in the US, and I know not everywhere starts a new school with 9th grade. I was just wondering how it was where you are.

        I don’t know, I don’t want to just join again with another account. I reached out when the disagreement happened, i explained my side, and why I’ve been so conflicted about the issue in question, willing to find some common ground, and instead I was belittled and called names by the group administrator, who then made a passive-aggressive post reminding us to stay on topic and not talk about politics, although the reason for the argument in the first place was because she was talking about politics…

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  4. At first I thought – Big potterhead with a blog which writes only about the Wizarding world (in a good way) , also very supportive blogger (as you were there for me,when I just started 😀)
    Now- Author,writes beautiful poems,still a big potterhead but not that frequent blogger (or maybe I can’t find you in my blogs anymore 😉)

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  5. Congratulations on hitting 500+ followers!!! And I know you will reach 600 very soon! So congo for that!!! My impression (the same 1 or atleast, similar):
    First impression: I thought she was really really mature for her age. She has written 2 books for God’s sake. That’s what I thought. Whenever I came across her, I always used to think, “Woah, she’s so young and she has already done so much!” I thought she didn’t show many emotions. And I really thought she was like a nerd or something.
    What I think of her NOW: She really is mature for her age. At least more than me, because I don’t act my age. But she is also very friendly. She tries to help in all the ways she can. And she can really be a good friend. Even now, I think “Woah, she’s so young and she has already done so much!”. It makes me wonder what I was doing when I was Aanya’s age. Also, she shows emotion. She isn’t emotionless like I thought. And, Aanya, you are cool!

    Change all the shes and hers to yous and yours.
    Also, do a separate post for 600+ followers. I want to write one big comment! Please! Even if it’s just for my sake Nya!!! Pretty please! Pretty please with a cherry on top!!

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  6. Hello! I am Alley! a new member in WordPress! I was reading in many blogs about a name Zee Clan chat, something like that, I don’t remember, can you please tell what’s that! is that a wordpress friends chatting group? If yes, Can I also be added?

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  7. Hey! I am a new follower, I am Alley! I’m here from 5-6days and in many posts I’ve read about a group Zee chat group something of wordpress friends, Can I also be added?

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  8. Congrats on almost 600 followers! How exciting!
    My first impression was like, “Wow, her blog looks pretty cool! I will be sure to follow!”
    Now: “Awesome blog and thankful for a brand new amazing blogging friend!”
    -kaelyn 😛

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  9. Okay so,
    First impression: I used to think that you were successful at WordPress at an inhumanly level. I saw you followers going up so quick, I have to admit, I was even kinda jealous at first. Plus you had written your own novel! I had also never thought that you could be my friend 😂. Um….this is kinds embarrassing, I used to be really pleased when you used to comment on my posts 😂😂😳.

    Now I don’t think about you that was at all. Being one of the three bloggers (I guess, or are there more) who know you really well, I realize you work too hard dude. And you’re too stubborn to admit it. Please admit it 😒. But you’re also super dedicated into your work, whatever you do, which is something I really adore. You’re an amazing friend. You’re loyal, and you’re trustworthy. And really really helpful. You’re always there when we need you. You’re also super talented. Okay, is there any bad stuff 🤔. Hm yeah, you allow studies to get to your head way too much, you know very well how I feel about that, but you’ve never cared *puppy eyes*

    All in all, you’re an amazing friend. I’m glad to have you in my life ❤. Just….study less, if you can….

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    • WOW Nehal!!!
      5 actually, really, even I used to be quite flattered, I thought since you were an older blogger you didn’t have time, you know what I’ll respond to the entire thing in the post!!
      Aww, you’re an awesome friend too!!!
      I can try, but it’s hard not to study or freak out………….

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