Happy World Book and Copyright Day

Yeah the title kinda says it all……………..
So happy world and book day people, this is an annual event organized by UNESCO to promote reading, writing, publishing and copyrighting.

In the light of this I just want to say a few things first of all, reading is fun many people dislike it, I got no clue why, and books are life, they let you live 1000 lives instead of one (see what I did there George R. R. Martin quote).

And second, authors work really hard while writing something, and all of us bloggers really work hard on our posts, so please people respect that, and the work people post is copyrighted, don’t copy it, come up with your own, use your own imagination, and it really is important to give credit, please don’t copy it!

And now seeing that it is World Book Day mind checking out my books?πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί (completely your choice but I HAD to put it there)

If you wanna check out the paperback and you live in India, then you can find it here.

Also if you wanna check out some bookish memes and quotes I reorganized (like a lot) and made a pinterest board which has tons of the memes and bookworm problems, you can find it here.

Yeah that’s it I guess.

How has your day been, which recent book series have you become obsessed with?
Mine has been tiring and I’d have to say Kane Chronicles.

I just remembered I forgot to say hi, so now I am saying hi at the end of the post, I am such an idiot…………

29 thoughts on “Happy World Book and Copyright Day

  1. Hey! Yeah, it’s ok that you forgot to say hi at the beginning. Happy World Book and Copyright Day! I definitely know that quote, and it is very true. Same, I do not get why people don’t like to read. It’s a mystery.

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  2. Hey Aanya
    It’s being soooo long !!!!
    How u doing ?!
    I hope school isn’t troubling u much ..,
    My teachers were behind my life to switch on my camera during classes , knowing that I was corona positive πŸ™‚
    Happy world book and copyright day !!
    Which book r u currently reading ?

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  3. I should’ve made a post yesterday on world book day πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
    Cool post tho!!!
    And I’ll ask my mom if I can buy your books (since I don’t know the website I should probably ask)!
    Oh and hi! I just realised I forgot to say hi at the beginning! (Lol see what I did there?)

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  4. Happy World book day!!! I had marked it on my calendar and even put a post in the draft with the heading. And I didn’t post it πŸ™‚

    I forgot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… and I TOTALLY AGREE with the copying thing. It’s just feels bad when someone takes your words and claims it as your own ☹️

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    Books are the literal best! I love reading books! Have you ever read Keeper of the Lost Cities? It is such a good book series! You should totally check it out, if you haven’t. They are amazing!
    -kaelyn πŸ˜›

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