Bookworm is NOT an insult

Heya humans!!
How are you all today?
I hope you’re all fine!

So today I will talk about Bookworms.

So I googled bookworm and this was the first result I got, bookworm being an INSULT, and I was like hold up, no way, and sometimes my classmates used it as an insult or in hindi as we say “किताबी कीड़ा (Kitabi Keeda)”.

Like yes I am a bookworm, and yes I do read too much, and people still use it as an insult, but I can tell, every single bookworm is proud to be one, and no it’s not an insult, it is a dream come true if someone calls you a bookworm.

So yes we are wretched to you, because we like to consume our time in better things like reading, which is much better than interacting to you simpletons.
We are wretched because we realise that there are much better things than indulging in your silly gossip, we know the world much better than you do, because we live in many different perspectives, we are open minded for we know how things are, and life in books isn’t perfect, it’s far from it.
We learn numerous things from books, even the fantasy and fiction you all call time waste.
We fall, we break and we get hurt numerous times, only to come back stronger, we learn to live, and we live to feel other’s pain, empathize, we learn a part of ourselves we never knew, we live as if we were the character.
All our daydreaming makes us better, we imagine and we believe and our imagination can get us out of many things you would never think off, we may not have social lives like you, and we may be boring to you, but we have way more interesting lives than you could ever imagine.

So in the end, bookworm will never be an insult, we are all wretched worms as you call us, who love to read to escape stupidity, foolishness, the corruption, the real life, but not because we don’t want to run away from it, but because we know how it feels like, we have felt the pain in every character many a times.
We choose to read despite our pain because we know one day things will get better, books are a safe haven.

So yeah bookworm is not an insult, at least it’s not for me, sometimes I think I am more than a bookworm, like I’m a bookdragon, or a bookhorse (I know this one doesn’t make sense, but horses are very fast, and I read a lot so yeah xD )

So which bookanimal are you?
Do you agree with me that bookworm is not an insult?

Thanks for reading!
Stay safe!

133 thoughts on “Bookworm is NOT an insult

  1. “because we like to consume our time in better things like reading, which is much better than interacting to you simpletons.”

    Wow, you’re in a mood, Aanya! 😂 I fully agree with everything you said here though. Bookworm is not an insult and it never will be to the people that get called bookworm. Great post!

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  2. I honestly have no idea what bookanimal I am 😂 Honestly, fictional words are better than the real world, which us readers understand less than entire worlds random people built. (Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I’m not sure)

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  3. I completely agree. 💯%
    This post is so relatable. The world of books is so exciting and definitely more interesting than reality. We have definitely earned that name – feeding on books! 😂

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  4. I totally agree with you! I would never be offended if someone called me a bookworm 😅 And what you said about bookworms learning a part of ourselves we never knew about is so true! There’s so much about character that I’ve learned through books, we really do find ourselves in them 😄 Great post!

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  5. This is the perfect reply to the people who are anti-book😂 loved this post Aanya!!!!!!!!!! But I really didn’t know it was an insult. It is not, is your point I guess.

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  6. As someone who’s recently developed an obsession for reading YA novels, all I can say is: preach the truth!!
    Besides, how on earth does the term “bookworm” radiate negativity? That’s absolute rubbish. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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  7. Being called ‘bookworm’ feels lyk an honour to me! I’m a “book-snail” b’coz I read lines and ponder upon them deeply… A slow reader thus…
    But, a lover of books, it’s pages, the smell… 😌📚👓👍🏻

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  8. I just discovered your blog and I really like it (+ I’m a potterhead as well ♥️⚡️)
    I never know people used the word bookworm as an insult, I always received that word as a compliment, or just a word that characterizes me and I love it ♥️

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  9. You’re absolutely right, bookworm is NOT an insult. I’m proud to be a bookworm. Through reading, bookworms live hundreds of different lives and experience so many different things by just sitting down and reading. I can’t walk, but when I read – I run everytime ❤

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  10. I am potterhead too.( can’t get over movies and its books) And I hate it when people use bookworm as a teasing word! They then term you are too uncool!
    And i have felt the pain of many characters within myself. People don’t know how beautiful books are!

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