Random Fandom Things#2

Hello humans surprisingly I still am alive!
I know, shocking isn’t it?
Did ya miss me?
Well let’s just say life has it’s ups and it’s downs, anyways I had a Random Fandom prepared for days and I even had idea till part 5 but I’ll use those when I am desperate for now I’m writing letters to fictional characters.
So I saw Nehal writing letters who was inspired by Akshita, so thank you Nehal and Akshita :D.
And just a heads up the writing in italic is just side by side commentary feel free to ignore it.

First of all let’s start with the one and the only the man I hate the most DUMBLEDORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Drum plays in background*


Dear Dumbledore,
Let’s get straight to the point shall we?
I am not a huge fan of you because you are biased towards Gryffindors pretend that Ravenclaws don’t exist and always make the Slytherins look like the villains and and yeah ignore Hufflepuffs too (not a Hufflepuff so I don’t really care but heheh nvm),Β butΒ I still am writing this letter to you asking you the reason why I didn’t get my letter. Ok I think now I know why you didn’t give me my Hogwarts letter probably cause I insulted you so much, nvm, just wanted to tell you that as much as I hate you, your quotes are somewhat really inspiring you know what forget it (I still am mad at you for not sending my Hogwarts letter you have no clue how much I waited for it. PS, it still isn’t too late, I might even forgive you for not bothering about my house and making Slytherin’s look evil. (Notice the might, I’m gonna lure you then think about it and then trap you and curse you after I get admitted into Hogwarts cause you DO NOT mess with Slytherins (also an update people I took the quiz again I’m a Slytherin yassssssss) ) ).
Also I just remembered you’re dead nvm, glad you are not gonna lie McGonagall is a way better headmistress but yeah whatever rest in peace.

*Is thoroughly confused by the number of brackets and spends a minute correcting them. Then crumples the letter and throws it in the dustbin.*

Dear Professor McGonagall since you are a headmistress now so correction heheh I had forgotten that.
Headmistress McGonagall,
How is your day? I hope it’s been good. How are you coping up with having so many Weasleys in your school?
Have Albus and Scorpius gotten into more trouble? Well you know I used to be a pretty good prefect and am used to silencing and disciplining rascals I could help you out (seriously I’m desperate, I would even be happy with staying in Myrtle’s bathroom tolerating her all day if I get to come to Hogwarts).
I really would love to know why I didn’t receive my Hogwarts letter, I admire you so much. I even think that you would’ve made an exemplary Ravenclaw (why did you choose Gryffindor I mean come on, Gryffindor is a bit too chivalrous and SERIOUSLY OVERRATED, but let’s not insult your house (the only reason I tolerate it is cause Hermione and of course the Weasley twins I mean come on who doesn’t love them? I’m guessing Death Eaters but that’s beside the point)). 
Mischief Managed!

System pops the message ‘Your files are too large they will be shared as drive links’
*Clicks on sharing with one person view only*

*The author of this post letter is still thoroughly confused by the brackets.*

And that’s it for today PS today is world chocolate day so don’t forget to have a chocolate πŸ˜‰ !

I just want some chocolate frogs right now cause it’s magic and chocolate what could be better than that (actually books are click here to read some good reasons so as to why reading is awesome).
Click here to read part 1 of the Random Fandom series!
πŸ…‘πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…“πŸ…žπŸ…œ πŸ…•πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…“πŸ…žπŸ…œ πŸ…£πŸ…—πŸ…˜πŸ…πŸ…–πŸ…’ #❢

How long did you wait for your Hogwarts letter when you turned 11?
Have you given up your wait?

67 thoughts on “Random Fandom Things#2

  1. I’d love to write a letter to ’em but I’d make it a point to be grateful cuz if I’ll be savage like you there is no way I’ll ever get in πŸ˜…
    Anyways, cool post/letter!!
    I hope you get a reply really very soon just don’t…ever…obliviate me as a witch cuz my lil head has a lot of memories you know :>

    Liked by 2 people

  2. No one comments or I am the only one who is unable to see…
    Also, the PM is trying to copy Dumbledore (sorry Modi but you look like santa{ Mexican accent})
    *gets busy thinking what to write ahead… *
    (IDK who pressed ctrl-enter )

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  3. Nise letters! And yes, even though I am not in Slytherin, I still hate Dumbledore. I am in ravenclaw, so I guess it makes sense.
    I know I won’t get my letter, but I am still gonna wait till I turn 11 1/2. I really want it. And if I don’t get it, well, I have an online template ready for me 😌

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  4. This was fun. Oh, and btw, Aanya
    “Notice the might, I’m gonna lure you then think about it and then trap you and curse you after I get admitted into Hogwarts cause you DO NOT mess with Slytherin”
    Spoken like a true Slytherin indeed πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

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  5. How people STILL manage to insult Severus Snape is beyond my wildest dreams!!!! Also, fun fact: Merlin was Slytherin and so was the ever so loyal, nice, kind (but never shows it to your face) Severus Snape SO yeah, I may not be Slytherin but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them.. (got sorted into both Gryffindor and Ravenclaw) Hufflepuffs are WAAAAY too underrated you got that right…. I wonder if they allow puppies into Hogwarts….πŸ€” πŸ€” πŸ€”

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  6. Also I just remembered you’re dead nvm, glad you are not gonna lie McGonagall is a way better headmistress but yeah whatever rest in peace.

    Gurl I can’t even πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚βœ‹

    How are you coping up with having so many Weasleys in your school?
    I died laughing plssss πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Your humor is just mwah and now everytime I feel sad I’m gonna read these πŸ˜‚

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    • Eh, he might be.
      God I hope they didn’t but you never know if they did and it didn’t reach you then they might have sent more owls don’t you think?
      Thank you for reading!


  7. This was a really creative idea Akshita had, I’m glad that you enjoyed doing yours – I really liked reading it. For me, getting a letter to Hogwarts would be as good as getting into Charles Xavier’s mutant school 😊

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  8. After seeing that chocolate gif, I’m suddenly craving for it nowπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I guess the Indian Postal Services just mixed up us fellow Potterheads’ addresses or didn’t even bother posting them to Hogwarts, which is why none of us have gotten our letter at all πŸ₯²

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  9. Dear Aanya,
    I am obviously still waiting for my Hogwarts letter; I am sure it must have gotten lost in the mail all those years ago. However, while I do agree that Professor McGonagall is absolutely awesome, I can’t let you rant against my Hogwarts house like this! Gryffindors rule! Being brave enough to stand up for the things that matter most is way more important than ambition.
    Also, Dumbledore may have made mistakes, but I think he is an awesome character – very multidimensional, clever, and relatable. And don’t hate on him – the poor guy already regrets his decisions enough!
    Yours sincerely,
    A fellow Potterhead

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  10. Potterhead Aanya said:
    I have a puppy (he is super annoying), but not a huge fan of them sorry 😦
    Me: You’re so lucky.. I’ve been asking my Mom for 7-8 years in as row… I AM DOG CRAZY!!!!!!!! Had/have millions of puppy soft toys for decoration

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  11. Hey Potterhead Aanya
    Dumbledore is not biased. What the Slytherins have done so Dumbledore could be unbiased towards them? I dislike Dumbledore for slightly different reason no offence. During the time when Harry was like claimed to be the last Hocrux, dumbledore called Snape and said that he had to die. Harry was a part of Dumbledore ‘s big game. And Snape who is a Slytherin cared for him actually.
    I prefer to say that Slytherins can be good even if they have a slight different way of expressing. Cleverness is underrated,
    Yours gladly,

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