2021 Wrap Up

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (We are 17 hours in when I’m writing this at the moment and it feels miserable not happy but I guess this year has 364 more days and 7 hours to prove it’s worth).

Here are some things I did in 2021 and some things I’m going to change in 2022.

Broke friendships with many friends, made better ones.
Realised that when you text people back without emojis they get offended.
Realised being a perfectionist isn’t always the best, it’s best to cool off and relax at times.
Learned not to let other’s comments get to me, cause hater’s gonna hate so snakes and stones don’t hurt my bones anymore because people throw rocks at things that shine.
Decided to continue being Jack of all trades cause β€œA jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”.
I didn’t post much in 2021 or work on my WIP, but I’m going to try in 2022.
I read 354 books in 2021, my goal is to read less (around 100 books) and focus on studies more this year.
I got obsessed with Taylor Swift last year, I plan to lessen my use of Taylor Swift puns, because I’M FEELING TWENTY TWO (yeah after this one, my friend PV made me a Swiftie, it’s nice to have a friend)
I irritated a lot of my friends by rhyming like an idiot in our normal convos, not gonna lie, I rhymed a lot last year and it was fun, and my new hobby is to rhyme unnecessarily (won’t do that now because it’s annoying).
I also realised that I can be so casually cruel in the name of being honest but the thing with people is that sometimes we just get lost in translation.
Felt different emotions which I never felt before (LIKE BETRAYAL, BETRAYAL AND MORE BETRAYAL).
I need to study seriously in 2022.
I tried bullet journaling, it went splendidly (for 4 days :|).
Ooo and I went back to school offline for few months, that was fun.
I reconnected with my old friends. I also watched friends, it’s a great series.
By the way I’m starting a series on equality and some minor patriarchal things we don’t notice in our daily lives (like Taylor said f the patriarchy).
At the end of 2021 I got really obsessed with Tokyo Drift, that, still hasn’t changed.
And so many more things that just slipped my mind but meh.
And I’m really really going to try my best to post because I have SOOO MANY IDEAS for posts and I bet you think about me when I don’t post (I’m going to try to keep that the last the Taylor Swift pun of this post, I need to calm down).


I also did a short series on my instagram about 3 things that I felt once, just in 2021.

And yeah that’s a wrap. I wish you all a verryyyyyy happy new year and I wish you the best for this year, I hope this one is the best one yet. (And not 2020 too)

32 thoughts on “2021 Wrap Up

  1. This post makes me feel like a proud momma…Everytime I see a foetus swiftie I just get that pride…Congratulations Baby Swiftie πŸ₯³πŸ₯³
    I am so glad I could make around 15 swifties this year…yes 15!!! It was such a task🀧🀧
    One of the most important things I learnt this year was to NEVER EVER get drunk on watermelon juice ESPECIALLY when you’re with friends…You know why :”)

    Liked by 1 person

    • πŸ˜‚
      Lmao, glad I made you proud!
      15- ahh cause when you’re 15 and somebody tells you they love you, youre gonna believe them!
      Honey, not even 8 year olds get drunk on WATERMELON JUICE, so yeah, especially when your friends mom is behind them….


  2. ule la e gao he ho no pa ma shi ka wu

    that is how my 2021 was
    and 2022 is – aumsum

    anddddd fantashtic posht aanya !

    So, basically
    I experienced mood swings in 2021
    and this fantabulous process still goes on
    (me learned lot many things –
    – using me instead of I
    – missing ppl when they are away or maybe just not online
    – using this small baby impression – I alwayj wlite sh instead of s while I am in chotta bamcha mode
    -I learned how to waste time; blehh I do so manyyyy things that are waste of time !
    – also also also *simply means that aur aur aur meme* I learned How to overthink
    – I learned how to arrogant
    – I am finally able to decide between Jaspreet Bumrah and Virat; the best one is Ben Strokes πŸ˜‚
    – Forgot how to use emojis

    *Ninja technique of writting big huge lage gigantic tremendously long comments is –
    just remove that ‘dear dairy’ and copy paste the rest.*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, thank you so much!!
      Yeah you learnt all of that in 2021.
      Bruh, even I started using me instead of I and now me can’t get rid of that habit.
      Aww, you developed human emotions, congratulations Mr Science.
      For your baby impression all you need left is puppy dog eyes emoji, please use that.
      Yeah that one is true, but I did too, so high five!
      And you taught me many memes from your meme phase.
      That arrogant one, 100% true.
      That I did too (except the puppy dog eye emoji), but emojis suck so.
      We both learnt that a lot…….

      And another technique is to treat my comment section like pv’s comment section and rant out in it.


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