*whispers and quickly hides so that people won’t scream at her for not being active then realises that she has been so inactive now that nobody misses her or minds*

SOooooooooooooo, how are you all?
What’s up?
I have been resurrected again and this time I will be posting I have posts planned back to back now
I, uhh wrote this poem last year and I’m not even friends with more than half of these people anymore and I made way better friends I need to write on but hey I’m not letting my creativity go to waste just cause we all are not friends anymore I mean that’s a total waste of it and I am a VERY lazy person💀……

Just a heads up, it’s long

Gems, precious stones,
Pearls and diamond rings,
Books and books and books,
Money, fame and power,
Don’t mean anything,
Till you can share them,
With those who tell you the terrible truth,
Than the kind lies,
Ones who stand up for you,
Even when you are wrong,
Only to scold you later,
They break you,
So you can come back stronger,
They hurt you,
They protect you,
Some backstabbers,
And some more loyal than dogs,
The world is full of them,
Full of special people,
Known as friends!

I have some very special,
Fun and eccentric friends,
Each unique in their own way!
They are so unique,
It could take days, maybe even years, to describe them,
Yet they have simple grounded personalities,
Always content with life,
We all have friends like them,
Complicated yet so simple….
Here is an ode to them,
To the ones who keep all of us sane,
Even in the hardest of times,
A special thanks and an ode to each and every one of them!

This one for that friend,
Who obsesses on fictional men with you,
A whizz with words,
And sings like a songbird!
Can annoy the hell out of you,
And can cheer you up,
When you’re feeling blue!

This one for the one who’s mega crazy, 
And super vexatious,
But always there, 
Even though when we don’t want him to be,
I know you are gonna google the meaning of vexatious,
I’ll save you the time,
It means annoying,
Just like you,
But at the end of the day you’re worth the time!

This one for that nerdy friend,
The one who solves all the doubts,
No matter how stupid, 
No matter how long,
Explaining the postulates of Euclid,
Seriously, you're very bright!

This one for that one friend,
Whom you can irritate,
At 11 in the night,
That one friend,
Who is always your partner in crime,
Who stays up late with you
Wearing out each other,
Trying to and miserably failing to solve the same questions,
With those stupid answers we come up with,
No offense, but you and I both stink at those HOTS,
Coming up with nonsensical answers,
Offering each other desperate suggestions.

This one for that fangirl friend,
Always popping up in your inbox with one random fact or another,
The one who is paranoid about the news,
Even when it doesn’t affect her,
The one who is a true believer of God,
Always anxious and keeps on overthinking,
Yet you can’t stop loving her.

This one for my friend,
Who shares the love of books with me,
And of poetry,
Yet is never online.

This one for that friend,
Who is super nice,
And has a knack for solving all fights!

An ode to that tiny sarcastic friend that we all have,
The one who is great at sports,
We met through sports,
We connected because of it,
A nimble and skilled skater, 
Who I know will always be there,
Even when I kill someone,
She’ll be there, 
And will help me clean up the mess!

Grateful for my two inseparable friends,
One a graceful dancer,
And the other, a handwriting queen!

This one for that monitor friend,
Always writing names,
Adding black stars, 
I admire your patience,
And feel sorry for the hate you got when you exceeded your limitations!
That one friend who annoys you,
Who challenges you,
And brings out the best in you,
Who cheers you up,
When all hope is lost,
Who explains you the syllabus a day before the exam,
And never for a moment,
Minds doing so…..

This one for the friend,
Whom I can rant on to for ages, 
And yet never does he mind a bit,
Honestly his actions can be a little lit,
Who is the master critique,
His muffin headedness makes him unique,
A splendid orator,
And a master joke creator!

This one for that sweet and caring friend, 
An extrovert by heart,
Is always ready to talk,
And is secretly smart,
A devoted guitarist,
This one friend,
Who’s always saying ‘Hi’,
Is special,
Even though he does not know why!

This one is an ode to that friend,
Who is the bad boy of the class,
But in reality is actually pretty sweet,
The one who messages me,
There is a chipkali behind you,
Who enjoys my freaking reaction,
Before I check that my video is off and he is bluffing,
And then I realise he was trying to cheer a depressed person up,
Because we aren’t even in the same class anymore..

And that’s when the reality hits,
Even though we are all separated,
We will always be together,
Inseparable like Calvin and Hobbes,
Whatever we do it will always be together,
Friends are special and important,
Despite my love of books,
I need my friends even more than them,
Because they are better,
Yes we may fight,
And sometimes friends leave 
Unlike books,
And even though most of them aren’t civilised,
To me my friends are still prized.

So yeah the last stanza most of it is super incorrect now, and I’ve stopped caring about it, but meh, life’s gonna throw rocks at you, most of the people will either get hit by it or stay back in fear whereas I will either dodge it or break it because idk, that’s me?
I’m thinking of adding a part 2 of this for my friends who do actually deserve poems written on them because of how awesome they are and supportive (seriously guys you all are OP and I will write a poem on you an even longer and better one)!
Anyways I really should’ve posted this last year but yeah I’m lazy VERY LAZY, that reminds me I’m late for going and doing nothing and sleeping!

27 thoughts on “Friends


    Also, awesome poem, I should write a poem on my friends too, hmm..

    Also, for some reason my brain went all Anne Marie and started singing F-R-I-E-N-D-S lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh Nostalgiaaaa ✨
    Btw you should definitely write one about the real ones out there. I think you finally found just the right ones…Happy for you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh Aanya…… You are a maestro my frnd ❤…. Seriously I am feeling ecstatic after reading this. It’s just mind blowing

    Liked by 1 person

  4. 1 – mela comment first hota par
    nub wordpress…

    2- meko mere wale ke alawa kisika pata nai chala ki konsa buddhu balak konsi lines mein described hai, comments mein daal dijiye na plss ki konsa wala kis ke liye hai

    3 – ye na pichle saal ki poem hai
    and now you realize how much people change wid time; ppl change like the tides in the ocean
    and friend list keeps updating…

    We two were also fighting at times (as always a one sided fight, where I blocked you on HG), but we sorted it out yaaayyyyyyyy!
    and yeshh we are aumsum friends now.
    All I learned was – trust no one but your friendship (andd yeah old friends are da best)

    Liked by 1 person

    • 1-😂😂
      IK, wordpress can be bad at times xD
      2-😂acha konsa stanza and okay dal deti hu teko personal pei bata deti hu
      3-yes they dooooo, it’s baddddd
      yeah we did it was always one sided first I blocked you in August then you blocked me in Oct, but life changesss
      Yayyy indeed!
      Yes we are!!!!
      They are the best!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • maine itna accha ssc ka answer likha hai na
        ashish sir bhi khush hoke marks de denge

        Aanya kuch to seekh le
        space daal ke neatness badhao
        Bad handwritting walo ke liye accha hota hai (meri aur teri dono ki hi buri hai bohot)

        *aage kya likhna tha mai bhul gaya
        to mai phir wo dm mein bata dunga agar kuch hoga to *

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  5. before i start ranting on about the poem, can i just say how i love that now your posts are kind of green themed, like a serpent . this is totally rep era

    the poem is literally so sweet. like your friends should feel so grateful to have a poem dedicated to them and to have you as a friend. i’m sorry they’re not fit to be your friends anymore, but at the same time, glad they’re not. wishing you genuinely good friends and many more such amazing poems ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!!!
      Okay I didn’t notice that but I do now and I’m proud of that, I just made it green cause the rest of my blog was green and I’m a slytherin so yeah, but thank you sooo much for that comparison😭🥺
      Thank you so much!! Aww that’s so sweet of you!
      Thank youuuuuuuu!!!!!!


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