An Orsa of Equality #2

“She overcame everything that was meant to destroy her and that in itself was enough to bring a change……..”

And thus we begin again (pun intended if you got it, ik one of you will), today I’ll rant on about Double Standards in our society, since there are soo many of them that I found out, I’ll make a few parts of this cause I have over 15 of these so maybe 3 in each post?
Cause otherwise it’ll be too long and I kinda need content too so uh yeah😅 (We all will ignore the fact that I am VERY lazy)

“When a woman cries, it’s viewed as normal. When a man cries, he’s told to man up”
Throughout the world, crying is a symbol of the weak, when in reality it makes you stronger once you accept that you have feelings and suffer trauma. It’s generally said that whenever a person starts crying that person is acting like a girl because the society associates feelings and emotions to women and shows men as feelingless which is said that that shows them as stronger. Men are told not to cry because they are depicted as the stronger gender and crying is for the weak. In reality though, this world would be a better place if we let both genders express their emotions because that is a symbol of strength and accepting life at it’s best.

“A man does something it’s strategic, a woman does the same thing, it’s calculated; a man is allowed to react where a woman can only over-react”-Taylor Swift
The society has a different vocabulary for the same things both the genders do, but a match harsher one for women. They criticize those women who go against the patriarchy and question them for a change; and oftentimes in India they even comment, ‘ladki haath sei nikal gayi’ (she is out of your hands) like hell yeah, you are no one to control her! She saw how you were squashing her and she got rid of you, that’s powerful. Or maybe just those women who wish to bring the same change as men, and that’s where the criticism begins. It’s calculated in the sense that she has an evil plan when she is only doing the same thing a man did with a proper plan but has to face backlash for it.
Same is when women are called drama queens jokingly and are always said that they overreact because them ‘reacting’ is always too much as their opinions aren’t valued the way the men’s are.

When a man says no, it’s the end of a conversation,
When a woman says no, it’s the beginning of a negotiation

I mean do I even need to explain that?
That’s truth in itself if we paid more attention to our normal everyday conversations which we overlook.
And men are always taken more seriously which is absolutely unfair and just impractical and just infuriating okay, I’ve freaking noticed this in real life a lot times too, IT’S NOT FAIR.

And yeah, that’s it for today, have you ever felt any of these in your daily life?
PS I have more posts on this coming soon!

5 thoughts on “An Orsa of Equality #2

  1. Even though people don’t mean to do it. They do it. Parents from a very young age encourage when a boy cries they say “boys don’t cry.” Awesome posts, can’t wait for more posts like these.

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  2. Aanya females ko advantages bhi milte hian . . .

    Humans lie between pair bonding and tournamental species
    females have the right to choose their partners

    females can see 40% more colors than males
    females naturally have more endorphins than males so they can bear as much as 30 times pain

    because we are pair making species as well
    so human males also have equal responsibility towards their child (which is not present in other species like lions and jaguars)

    ab aanya aap 21st century ke perspective se baat nahi kar rahi thi
    to maine bhi humans ko animals samjh ek bol diya

    But yeah
    there is a need of feminism (never said staunch feminism)
    so yep ‘Orsa of Equality’ is a good step
    but this itself doesn’t include points oriented towards masculinity …

    Here is your comment dosht ! 😂

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    • Snf check out my aaj wali post it has highlighted problems which the male gender faces+I have a post on how men are more likely to be convicted despite proper evidences and yeah unfairness towards them and rest ima tell you on hg because it’s tomorrow’s post
      Ab meko aur dhundne padenge
      And the rest of th discussion hg pei aaja we’ll finish it there 🙂
      And thanks for your comment dosht!😂


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