An Orsa of Equality #4

 “It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.”

-Emma Watson

And today I will be focusing mainly and the most important things that men face just them because if I don’t dedicate a complete whole post to it and not just pieces in all posts my male best friend will kill me.

Women acting weak, pretty normal, men not so, our society is so messed up that men aren’t allowed to act ‘weak’ as it’s said or to actually express their emotions (which totally isn’t weak and I wrote about it in the second post in this series so yeah). It doesn’t actually let men take a step back at times and always emotionally pressurizes them to be so closed off and not pay much attention to their mental health.

Now misuse of power by females, it happens a lot, a few days back I looked up on this dowry case that had happened in my city and the family which the female had accused was innocent but had to face unnecessary 12 years in jail because of that, another incident is what happened last year in Lucknow when a woman thrashed a cab driver for absolutely no reason and accused him of hitting her (you can read more on this here). So my main point here is that with the changes coming up in our society and the laws being made these days men have it horrible with the judicial system as statistically with the up and coming human right laws females are believed 34% more in the judicial system because of the inequality, so the judicial system of the entire world is pretty messed up (more on this in the next point).

So a few days back I was watching this Infographics Show video on death row (don’t ask why, do watch the video it has all the statistics to prove my point) anyways so after watching it I looked up more on that and yeah here we are (heads up all of these numbers are of America I could not find of the world or India).

So let me put out a few facts here 12% of all murders are committed by females in the US, but of these 12% convicted with death only 2% are actually put on death row unlike men who are more likely to be committed. Since studies show that women have more redeeming qualities they are put on death row less than males and the average jury feels this way too, so when murders are committed by a male and a female the male is way more likely to get a harsher sentence than the female which by the way is not fair to males. Many defense lawyers have also said that it’s much easier to get a woman off a death row than a man. This problem exists in more judicial cases too and punishments not just death rows. Here is the link to the video for more information.

Also my friend SNF told me about a few science facts about both genders and I’m just gonna put these here before he rants on about how unequal I get (even though I totally don’t) 😐

  • Females can see 100 more times the color that an average male sees.
  • Females have naturally more endorphins than males so they are able to bear around 30 times the pain a man can bear.

Also I found this really creative post with these wonderful illustrations on double standards, do check it out here.
And we’re done for the day, in case I missed a few (which I know I did) so please help me out and I will highlight them in the next post!

Again sleepy me cause it’s late and I get my final term results tomorrow ahhhhhhhh-

6 thoughts on “An Orsa of Equality #4

  1. Females have naturally more endorphins than males so they are able to bear around 30 times the pain a man can bear.

    That is the reason wehave to wax I suppose and give birth but I don’t like it boo.

    Great postt!!

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