To define is to limit

Um hi?
I’m alive hehe….
Tenth is hard💀
So I wrote this poem long back questioning everything inspired from Oscar Wilde’s quote ‘To define is to limit’.

Who am I?
To define is to limit.
To define me on my religion,
Or from the state I belong,
Or maybe to define me on my looks,
My hair colour.
Or perhaps the colour of my eye,
And yet so from the area from where I use my wifi.
From my country,
Or from the colour of my skin,
From my age,
Or to define me on the basis of my brain.
Whether I am a fool or a sage,
To define me as a human is yet again to limit.
Maybe that’s limiting us all,
What if we are not one at all?
What if we are different?
What if defining a person,
As a person is not at all free but yet again to limit?
Calling them by their names is to limit,
Like Anne said;
She was an Anne and a Cordelia,
And maybe we all have a Cordelia we just need to find.
But then again,
We define.
We limit.
We limit greatness,
And we limit,
And at the end,
We limit,

So like this poem was more of a rant on how we all are limited and just caged.
I mean even the free birds don’t have freedom….
At the end of the day they are caged
To the sky

19 thoughts on “To define is to limit

  1. Glad to see you back! This was quite a thought-provoking poem, and the last sentence was interesting, something to ponder about 🤔
    Good luck with tenth! I’m sure you’ll do great!🤗💕

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  2. I really enjoyed this poem. Reminded me of the caged bird by Maya Angelou, I don’t know if you know it. There are so many things we can do as humans after all we were given a brain but we keep limiting ourselves sometimes because people define us and we let that stock or because we define ourselves hereby limiting our capabilities. This really made me do a lot of thinking,thanks for sharing. Good luck 🤞.

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