World Suicide Prevention Day

Feeding on darkness
Such a delight 
My hunger is finally being sufficed and fulfilled
What a joy it is to live in this century
With humans who care
A bit too much
And then none at all
Oh this society 
Doesn't think at all
These demeaning taunts
How I feed on them all
Such joy to exist
Ebullience rushing in my veins
I think of a time when humans used their brains
Such an abomination was it when they didn't kill themselves with strawberry flavored vape
I'm elated to live now
And forever prevail
~Suicide’s musings

Thought I’d do something different and write the musings of suicide as a character living in our era.
Each year on 10th September Suicide prevention day is marked to help people and spread awareness on why mental health is important and how drugs and suicide are not the way to combat life and problems.
With each day suicide is a growing issue impacting millions in the world. Least we could do is recognize the symptoms before a person commits it and help prevent it…..

Confused is the man who takes a break
Yet is unafraid
The man might be confused
At least he isn’t dull
Temporary solutions exist
Don’t force yourself to choose the one
In which you won’t exist…….

4 thoughts on “World Suicide Prevention Day

  1. Don’t force yourself to choose the one,
    In which you won’t exist…….
    Well used words, Aanya! Also the poem is absolute gold, suicide is such a sensitive topic to speak on, but it’s getting necessary day by day, it is good to see you spread awareness through your post!

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