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Hello fellow homo sapiens, Aanya here, check out some of these facts about our favorite Nargle spotter.

First her family tree

Like the Malfoys were traditionally Slytherins the Lovegoods were traditionally Ravenclaws. And her mother’s name was Pandora Lovegood.

First Mention

She was first mentioned in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, during the sorting ceremony as Lily Moon.

Facts about Evanna Lynch

1-This was her first acting gig

2-Before she played Luna, her younger self loved the book series so much that her cats’ names are Luna and Dumbeldore. She also had a cat named Crookshanks who has since passed away and that it helped her overcome her struggle with anorexia.

3-She made the radish earrings that Luna wears in Order of the Phoenix. In a special feature on the Half-Blood Prince DVD with Jany Temime, Evanna revealed that she also made a bracelet that Luna wore at the Slug Club Christmas Party.

4-Even though she did have a connection with J.K. Rowling before the movies, she auditioned for the role along with 15,000 other girls. She beat the competition all by herself.

5-Not only has J.K. Rowling been a major influence and help to Evanna’s life, but she has inspired Rowling as well. J.K. has said that Evanna is the only actor/actress who has influenced her writing.

6-She has used her experience battling anorexia to help and inspire other women.”Being someone who makes people feel okay about themselves, being able to make people accept things they went through, accept themselves more, that makes me feel way better about myself than any diet has ever done.”

7-She’s a vegan! For a long time she was vegetarian, but she recently made the transition. 

“Becoming vegan was always something I wanted to do, but I didn’t want it to feel unpleasant or like I was depriving myself or sacrificing, which some people do. Someone gave me very good advice about going vegan: crowd out your old habits with new ones, before you start cutting out lots of food, start learning new recipes.”

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Patronus Part-7

If you have produced an albatross Patronus, you have a happy-go-lucky personality and enjoy throwing caution to the wind. The Dementors would be unlikely to get you down with this giant feathered friend soaring in to save the day. It is the rarest Patronus on Pottermore.

Natalie McDonald

Natalie McDonald, a first-year student in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire was named after a real girl who died of leukemia. She wrote to J.K. Rowling asking her what would happen in the next book because she wouldn’t live to see it, but by the time J.K. Rowling replied, Natalie had died.

The Story of Natalie McDonald, Harry Potter Fan that Died because ...
Natalie the girl who died


So I searched all the HP character and actor birthdays and do tell me in the comments sections who do you share yours with, since I don’t share mine with anyone😞😢😭


1st – Verne Troyer (Griphook the Goblin)

8th – Actor Freddie Stroma (Cormac McLaggen)

9th – Severus Snape, and Actress Imelda Staunton (Dolores Umbridge)

22nd – John Hurt (Ollivander)

26th – Gilderoy Lockhart

30th – Lily Evans


3rd – Actor Warwick Davis

6th – Arthur Weasley

9th – Actor Ciarán Hinds (Alberforth Dumbledore)

13th – Luna Lovegood

17th – Actress Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley)

21st – Actor Alan Rickman (May he rest in peace)(Severus Snape)

22nd – Actress Julie Waters (Molly Weasley)

23rd – Actress Kelly MacDonald (Helena Ravenclaw)

25th – Actors James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley)


1st – Ron Weasley

10th – Remus Lupin

15th – Actor Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood)

20th – Actor David Thewlis

21st – Actor Gary Oldman (Sirius Black)

27th – James Potter

30th – Actor Robbie Coltrane (Rubeus Hagrid)


1st – Fred & George Weasley

9th – Kathryn Hunter (Arabella Figg)

15th – Actress Emma Watson (Hermione Granger)

28th – Horace Slughorn


1st – Griphook

5th – Actress Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown)

13th – Actress Zoe Wanamaker (Madame Hooch)

15th – Pomona Sprout

24th – Actor Jim Broadbent (Horace Slughorn)

26th – Actress Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange)


5th – Draco Malfoy

6th – Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy)

27th – Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom)

28th – Dobby


4th – Actor Ryan Turner (Hugo Weasley)

9th – Actor David O’Hara (Albert Runcorn)

10th – Actress Fiona Shaw (Petunia Dursley)

20th – Actor Jeff Rawle (Amos Diggory)

21st – Actor Jamie Waylett (Vincent Crabbe)

22nd – Actor Rhys Ifans (Xenophilius Lovegood)

23rd – Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)

26th – Producer David Heyman

27th – Actor Rade Sherbedgia (Gregorovich)

30th – Actress Frances de la Tour (Madame Olympe Maxime)

30th – Neville Longbottom

31st – Harry Potter,Actor Richard Griffiths (Vernon Dursley), & not to forget our dear creator JK Rowling


Albus Dumbledore (date unknown between July and August, 1881)

8th – Actress Katie Leung – Cho Chang

11th – Ginny Weasley

16th – Actress Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood)

17th – Actress Helen McCrory (Narcissa Malfoy)

22nd – Actor Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley), and Percy Weasley

24th – Actor Jimmy Gardner (Ernie Prang), and Actor Rupert Grint (Ronald Weasley)

25th – Actress Angelica Mandy (Gabrielle Delacour), and Actor Simon McBurney (Kreacher)

26th – Dolores Umbridge(who cares, I pity the person who shares her birthday she didn’t possess the great qualities and our charming nature which us Virgos have)

29th – Actor Lenny Henry (Shrunken Head)

30th – Actor Peter Cartwright (Elphias Doge)


10th- Director Christopher Columbus (Director of Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets)

19th – Hermione Granger

22nd – Actor Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy)

26th – Quirinus Quirrell

27th – Actress Margery Mason (Hogwarts Trolley Lady)

Between September 1st and October 31st, 1977 Cedric Diggory was born. His birthdate has never been confirmed.


1st – Actor Richard Harris (Albus Dumbledore)

4th – Minerva McGonagall

17th – Filius Flitwick

19th – Actor Michael Gambon (Albus Dumbledore)

30th – Molly Weasley


1st – Actress Natalia Tena (Nymphadora Tonks) and Lavender Brown

3rd – Sirius Black

8th – Actor Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley)

24th – Actress Shirley Henderson (Moaning Myrtle)

28th – Alfonso Cuaron (director of Prisoner of Azkaban)

29th – Bill Weasley

30th – Director David Yates

30th – Actress Clemence Poesey (Fleur Delacour)


2nd – Actor Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas)

6th – Rubeus Hagrid

10th – Actor Kenneth Branagh (Gilderoy Lockhart)

12th – Charlie Weasley

22nd – Actor Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort)

28th – Actress Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall)

31st – Tom Riddle / Voldemort


A Remembrall is a magical large marble-sized glass ball that contains smoke which turns red when its owner or user has forgotten something. It turns clear once whatever was forgotten is remembered.

Neville received one in his first year (which also helped Harry in becoming a seeker), but neither the books nor the movies tell us what he forgot. But if you look closely, Neville had forgotten his cloak.

11 signs you're totally Neville Longbottom from "Harry Potter ...
He isn’t wearing his school robes.

Do tell me how many of you knew that and had noticed it.

“I Hate Paris”

 So hey Potterheads, I was just watching the Fantastic Beasts movies again, and I noticed that Grindelwald said that he hated Paris here is the reason why. Grindelwald is basically Hitler. Hitler, when his forces were leaving France, issued orders that Paris was to be destroyed, this is perhaps a nod to that. Next, Grindelwald’s main goal is to start a war, and despite his speech he hates muggles, and destroying muggle civilization is part of his master plain. Finally, it would create a major problem for the magical governments and anything that keeps them busy on other things benefits him. So, tell me what you think of this theory and if you have another one of your own.

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Peeves wasn’t really meant to be cut out. He was actually played by Rik Mayall, but was scrapped during editing because of his inconsequence to the plot, and to save time. We don’t know for sure that, that is the reason behind his cut role, but Rick Mayall did mention how his jokes caused distractions on set, with him causing the child actors to break character every time cameras rolled. He also told that he didn’t know that after him filming the scenes for three weeks why the studio cut his scene without information, he only found out when that his role had been cut after the movie was released.

Ravenclaw #2

When thinking about the name “Ravenclaw” a little more, it could also mean “black claws” of a bird, so an eagle with dark talons. The golden eagle, which is native to Eurasia and North America, has dark claws. Its plumage is dark brown, with some gray on the inner wing and tail, and a paler, typically golden color on the back of the crown and nape that gives the species its common name.

The eagle is meant to represent that Ravenclaws “soar where others cannot climb” so there is meaning there. It doesn’t seem to be in the nature of Ravenclaw to choose a raven solely because there is a raven in the house name unless there is other meaning they would wish to ascribe to that symbol.

When is a raven like an eagle? When it's on the Ravenclaw house ...

A note- Do not ignore

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