Hey people, just dropped by, my exams are over and I have a book review lined up in a day or two…….

Just wanted to tell you that I made my book available as a paperback too!!

And take a look at this


I hope I reach the top 100 in anthologies soon……….

Anyway, how was your day? I would love to talk to you all, also any review on the divergent series, I am about to start reading it…………

Wondorous Quotes#1

Thank you so much for posting my quote Aaliya!! Glad you found it inspiring!!

Aaliya's Nook

Hey Muggles here’s today’s Wondorous Quote😊

“I have a hope, a hope that one day each of us realizes that we have to make a change in the world, but not just make it because there are times when we are the change.”

Potterhead Aanya, Letter to the world from a naive mind

I totally agree with your thoughts 👍🏻

Aanya I loved this quote of yours and got sooo inspired by it that I decided that this will be the first quote I will post😊

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27 September

Happy Birthday to our dearest friend Aaliya!!!! And as a gift for her, I want to say this, that I am sure every blogger who has ever had the pleasure to meet you, is very glad to have met you, you are one of my best friends on blogosphere, one of few who have supported me the most, and I am really grateful to have found a friend like you!!

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And if you were to be a HP character then you would surely be Ginny!!
Happy Birthday once again my dear friend!!🥳🥳🥳🎊🎊✨✨✨🎈🎈🎂🎂🎂🎂


Sooo, I got nothing new for you guys today, but I need help and ideas…..

Tell me what do you want me to post next…………

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Stay safe!


Yayyy!!!!! Today me and GOTW hit 300 Followers so we decided to make a twin post!!!! And I am soo grateful to you all for the follow, you all made my day!!!!!!!!

Check out her post here!!!!

*Also I might be posting little less these days because of exams……..

Mischief Managed!!!!!!!!

The best

So, today I created 2 different blogs on different sites and have officially come to a conclusion……..

WordPress is the best of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can visit my other sites here (blogspot) and here (weebly) but wordpress is way more better and it will stat as my main site, yayyy!!!!!!

Do tell me which of these sites you like best……….

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Mischief Managed!


Hi people I have deleted my Blog button page, so to those of you I have swapped with, feel free to delete mine……..

And you may have noticed now all of your comments need approval because I changed the settings as I had started to loose the notifications, they were all getting filled up, so they old weren’t showing, so it might take some time for your comments to show and me to respond to them…………..

Stay safe!

Changed it

Heya people, soooooo…………….., I won’t be writing only HP facts anymore, a ton of other things too, but I will still write HP facts.

That’s all I wanted to say!

Mischief Managed!

Thank you!


I have written this post to thank all of you!!

Here are some of your wishes

From Amelia@aamywrites
From Introverted Thoughts
From Reese
From Shanessa

From Evin and a lot of HBD bitmojis tooo!XDXD

From Renee

And soo many more, that I wish to keep private…………………..

Thank you sooooo much everyone, you all made my day!! I treasure, each and every one of your comments!