One year

It’s been one year one wordpress

I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!!

I was enthralled when I got this notification!!

Bitmoji Image
I changed my bitmoji too!,(finally) My hair had grown 🤪

I didn’t know I’d blog for an year!!
But the people here are awesome!!!!

You can find me on Wattpad here

Love you guys!!
Stay safe!!!

Something new and a thank you!

That’s me with him!!

Heya peeps, guess what?
We got a dog, I wanted to name him Hedwig par nanu ne decide kiya ki hum use Snowball bolangeye soo…………………..

But still, he is awesome!!

So I made this post to thank all bloggers who nominated me for different awards, and since I award free, from now on for forever, but I love to do tags 😉

Thank you so much for nominating me, it means a lot!

Liebster award by Krisha

Sunshine Blogger award by Divine Royalty

Beautiful Blogger award by Chasing the maximum life

Another Liebster award from Snehal@oddball thinks

Inspiring Bloggers Tag by Tia

Mystery Blogger Award by KS Blogs

Liebster award by Sprightly Shreya

The original outstanding Blogger award by Gelina

Sunshine Blogger award by Savs

Sunshine Blogger award by Riddhi

Inspiring Bloggers Tag by Gelina

Blogger Recognition award by Shreya di

Two Awards by Catie

Outstanding Blogger award by Reese

Liebster award by Faye

Liebster award by Gelina

And so many others I refused, guys I am so so sorry 😦

A tag post coming up, and yes I answered all questions in them, I love tags!

I redesigned my blog do check it out, and check out my new blog here.

For now I gotta go and finish my pizza

Have a nice day ahead!!

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I am soo excited, I can’t sit still

I am soo excited, so most of you know I wrote a book I got the paperback in my hands today, finally, I was waiting for it from soo long, so the kindle version is shorter than the paperback(I added a few pages) but I am soo excited, having it on kindle is one thing but in your hands is another!!!!

And that’s not what I wanted to talk to you all about…
So lately I have been making this 1000 piece puzzle, and it has like exactly same pieces with the help of my mom, I completely a lot, but any ideas how should I complete it, I mean I am usually good with puzzles, but this one is soo difficult, let’s talk about puzzles and how you solve them in the comments and if you ever faced a rough time completing it, how you did it, I would love to know!!!

Here is how far I’ve gotten, the pieces are soo small……………….

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Heya peeps, so any of you on Wattpad, I joined (again, I had kinda forgotten my old password😐)

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The beauty

Pleasant autumn wind blows
My hair covers my face
The leaves rustle as I walk
Yellow and red cover the ground

I take a moment to breathe in the air
I dance around the trees
Admiring the beauty
The peace and serenity

The World stops for me
I don't wish to loose this moment
But alas, like it autumn came
It will go away
Leaving no trace of it's beauty.......

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