Hey you all!

Hello my fellow homo sapiens (ok that sounded wayyyy better in my head)
So it has been long since I really interacted and had a post like that, (not that long but I noticed that people have stopped talking, so uh yeah)

So uh basically I got this idea from Riddhi and Pannaga who got the idea from Pannaga’s guest post for TWC.
So uhh, thank you both of you!!!!

So you all just have to write your first impressions about me and what you think off me now!!
I would really appreciate them, I’ll respond to them in a different post!!!!

Also in March I kinda hit 500 followers and just wanted to say thank you for that too!! (PS I am so close to 600, I’m currently at 589 mind helping me out, *wink wink*)

Yeah that’s all, how has your day been today, mine has been exhausting since I started 9th grade yesterday
ALSO I STARTED 9th GRADE YESTERDAY, I AM SOOO HAPPY!!!!! (But it is quite tiring too)

200 Followers! And assumptions+This is my 100th post

Hey people, thank you so much for 200 followers it means a lot, I was in 7th heaven when I saw the notification.

I made this

And here are your assumptions:

Introverted Thought’s assumptions-

You don’t like going to parties.

I don’t like going to parties but I love my birthday parties, but except for my own birthday, I would gladly miss a party for a book.

You like rainy days.

I used to but not now, I am allergic to pollen grains.

You like animals.

I love animals and mimicking their sounds(specially a dog bark I am good at that).

You enjoy going to school.

I love school.

You’re bold but appear shy to people.

Nah, I am bold and I appear bold and I speak my mind.

Dolly ma’am assumptions-

You like painting or art

I love both.

You like reading books.

Bitmoji Image

I love reading books.

You are a good student.

You are absolutely correct


You are very friendly and eloquent blogger

That only my fellow bloggers can tell.

Sarah assumptions:

You wear glasses.

I wear anti-clear lens because of my allergies

You are popular in school.

In my old school, in my new one, I have only been there for an year.

You haven’t read Percy Jackson.

I have learnt it by heart, it it helped my gain interest in Greek and Roman mythology, I love Percy Jackson and its sequels.

You love making friends.

On blogosphere only, not in school.

Vincent Ehindero assumptions:

You enjoy reading Harry Potter books than watch the movies.

Yess, the movies are nothing compared to the books.

Your hair is long and black.

Its not black, its brown but its soo heavy it looks black and my hair has never been long and I got it cut again.

You got angry with a teacher because the teacher didn’t give you your full marks.

Nah, (but sometimes just don’t tell them🤫)

You are an ambivert.

I am an introvert😁.

You are medium height.

Yep, I am still 5″2, I have got to increase it before I become 15.

You’ve read an Harry Potter book more than once 😂😂😂.

67 times all of them in order.

You are amazing and have a big heart ❤️.

Thanks, only you all can answer that💖.

Krisha’s assumptions:

You have black hair

Dark brown

You are a teen

Will be in less than a month.

You are tall

I wouldn’t call myself tall, I am only 5″2

You like Indian food.

I love it

You like Percy Jackson

Yep, I love it

Era’s assumptions:

You are a harry potter fan

Yep, bang on, you hit the nail on the head.

Interested in mystery stories

Yep, specially Nancy Drew and Artemis Fowl.

Very friendly 😊😊

I am actually quite introverted in real life.

Beyondthought1’s assumptions:

You don’t like your things touched or moved especially when you’re not there

Oh, yes I quite hate that, I mean if you want something moved, move it in your own place not in my room, dude

You relate with people better online than face to face.

Another one that’s absolutely correct.

You would love to travel all over the world alone or with someone really special.

Maybe, just alone.

You’re sensitive emotionally.

Yeah, sometimes, I can’t be physically hurt easily, but emotionally yes.

You find yourself funny.

That I do.

Chickadee Lover Maggie’s assumptions:

You love talking to other people about books?

Yess, I absolutely adore it.

Your favorite color is teal?

Black and grey

I am still taking assumptions, feel free to comment and I will update this post.

PS, I changed a few things on my home page, do tell me if you noticed it, and remember what changed.

Also this is my 100th post.