Draco Malfoy - Wikipedia

I am back with some more facts about the one and only Draco Malfoy:

  1. He Is A Gifted Occlumens.
  2. He Learnt The Unforgivable Curses.
  3. He Is Supposedly One Of The Only Death Eaters Who Can Love
  4. We are not a sure if he did have a dark mark or not: In the the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Draco Malfoy openly displays his Dark Mark to Albus Dumbledore. In the novel, it is not verified that Draco received the Mark, though it was highly speculated by Harry Potter that it was what Draco showed Borgin as a form of intimidation.
  5. He Was An Extremely Intelligent Student
  6. He Was Supposed To Get Along With Harry: Draco and Harry were supposed to get along. According to Pottermore, Draco’s birthday is June 5, which makes him a Gemini. Meanwhile, Harry’s birthday is July 31, which makes him a Leo. For more info you can view my post about HP character birthdays here. These two star signs are meant to get along with one another and are even able to become close friends.

I’ll be back with more facts next time!