Random Fandom Things#2

Hello humans surprisingly I still am alive!
I know, shocking isn’t it?
Did ya miss me?
Well let’s just say life has it’s ups and it’s downs, anyways I had a Random Fandom prepared for days and I even had idea till part 5 but I’ll use those when I am desperate for now I’m writing letters to fictional characters.
So I saw Nehal writing letters who was inspired by Akshita, so thank you Nehal and Akshita :D.
And just a heads up the writing in italic is just side by side commentary feel free to ignore it.

First of all let’s start with the one and the only the man I hate the most DUMBLEDORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Drum plays in background*


Dear Dumbledore,
Let’s get straight to the point shall we?
I am not a huge fan of you because you are biased towards Gryffindors pretend that Ravenclaws don’t exist and always make the Slytherins look like the villains and and yeah ignore Hufflepuffs too (not a Hufflepuff so I don’t really care but heheh nvm), but I still am writing this letter to you asking you the reason why I didn’t get my letter. Ok I think now I know why you didn’t give me my Hogwarts letter probably cause I insulted you so much, nvm, just wanted to tell you that as much as I hate you, your quotes are somewhat really inspiring you know what forget it (I still am mad at you for not sending my Hogwarts letter you have no clue how much I waited for it. PS, it still isn’t too late, I might even forgive you for not bothering about my house and making Slytherin’s look evil. (Notice the might, I’m gonna lure you then think about it and then trap you and curse you after I get admitted into Hogwarts cause you DO NOT mess with Slytherins (also an update people I took the quiz again I’m a Slytherin yassssssss) ) ).
Also I just remembered you’re dead nvm, glad you are not gonna lie McGonagall is a way better headmistress but yeah whatever rest in peace.

*Is thoroughly confused by the number of brackets and spends a minute correcting them. Then crumples the letter and throws it in the dustbin.*

Dear Professor McGonagall since you are a headmistress now so correction heheh I had forgotten that.
Headmistress McGonagall,
How is your day? I hope it’s been good. How are you coping up with having so many Weasleys in your school?
Have Albus and Scorpius gotten into more trouble? Well you know I used to be a pretty good prefect and am used to silencing and disciplining rascals I could help you out (seriously I’m desperate, I would even be happy with staying in Myrtle’s bathroom tolerating her all day if I get to come to Hogwarts).
I really would love to know why I didn’t receive my Hogwarts letter, I admire you so much. I even think that you would’ve made an exemplary Ravenclaw (why did you choose Gryffindor I mean come on, Gryffindor is a bit too chivalrous and SERIOUSLY OVERRATED, but let’s not insult your house (the only reason I tolerate it is cause Hermione and of course the Weasley twins I mean come on who doesn’t love them? I’m guessing Death Eaters but that’s beside the point)). 
Mischief Managed!

System pops the message ‘Your files are too large they will be shared as drive links’
*Clicks on sharing with one person view only*

*The author of this post letter is still thoroughly confused by the brackets.*

And that’s it for today PS today is world chocolate day so don’t forget to have a chocolate 😉 !

I just want some chocolate frogs right now cause it’s magic and chocolate what could be better than that (actually books are click here to read some good reasons so as to why reading is awesome).
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How long did you wait for your Hogwarts letter when you turned 11?
Have you given up your wait?

Joke time!!

So, I was anxious to hear the joke which Dumbledore was about to tell and to read this letter and it’s response, it’s what I found on Mugglenet.

That one about the troll, the hag, and the leprechaun…

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

Could you please finish the joke you started in Harry’s fourth year, where a troll, a hag, and a leprechaun walk into a bar? I know a plethora of fans (including myself!) really want to hear the end of this joke.


Dear Ashrita,

I’m so glad that you asked this question. Here is the (abridged) joke:

A leprechaun, a troll, and a hag all went into a bar.

“Benny!” said the bartender to the leprechaun, “I warned you three not to come back here after the last time. Took me weeks to clean up after all the mischief you caused.”

“Oh but it’s Floss’s birthday,” said Benny pointing to the hag. (She smiled and showed off her one good tooth.) “Give us a quick pint and let Troll and me sing to her. Then we’ll be on our way. Cross me heart an’ hope ta die.”

The bartender was a soft-hearted (and rather soft-headed) man, and so he did as Benny asked.

No sooner had they finished their drinks when a fight broke out over who should be allowed to give Floss a birthday kiss.

The troll and the leprechaun wrestled like they were caught in Devil’s Snare and broke a remarkable amount of glassware. The bartender tried every spell he knew to stop them, but nothing worked. (Truth to tell, he was not a very good wizard.)

Meanwhile Floss the Hag stood by, grinning and looking quite pleased with the celebration in her honor.

After a lengthy brawl, the troll had the advantage. He towered over the quaking leprechaun, ready to smash an enormous beer barrel over the poor fellow’s head.

“Oh for pity’s sake,” said Floss who was also an accomplished witch. “Alohomora!”

With a wave her wand, Floss opened the sealed barrel, dumping a lovely, golden brew over the troll, and quite possibly saving the leprechaun’s life.

“Floss!” cried the leprechaun. “Let me thank ye with a wee kiss.” But the hag shook her tangled tresses of hair and refused him.

“Yeh see! I’m the one she likes!” shouted Troll. He somersaulted to his lady love and tried to gather her in his great arms. But in a blink of a Cyclops’ eye, the hag disapparated and her companions fled.

Once again, the bartender was left with a dreadful mess to clean up. His wife, who had witnessed the whole affair, heaved a sighed and began to mop up the ale.

“Well, my dear,” she said. “At least we’ve learned two important lessons.”

“What’s that?” said her grumpy husband. (He was in no mood for philosophical musing.)

“Obviously,” the wise and alarmingly cheerful woman continued, “A Benny saved is a Benny spurned. And a rolling troll gathers no Floss.”

And now you see why Professor McGonagall stopped me from telling this joke.

In fact, she has heard me tell it twice and has threatened me with several Unforgivable Curses if I ever attempt to tell it again in her presence.

I believe this type of joke — one that can go on for a very long time with an annoyingly small payoff– is called “a shaggy dog story” in Muggle terms. I consider it excellent fun. Especially when I allow myself to sing every verse of the troll and the leprechaun’s birthday songs!

I once knew a very fine leprechaun who excelled at this sort of tale. His record length of time before delivering a faintly amusing punch line was somewhere in the neighborhood of seven years. Unfortunately, he was driven out of Ireland immediately afterward.

I encourage you to tell this joke to your friends and add as many ridiculous and unimportant details as possible.

But do not blame me if they are not your friends when you finish.

Yours in mischief and mirth,
Professor A. Dumbledore

What do you find more hilarious the joke or Professor Dumbledore’s letter?

Stay safe!!

Potterly Wisdom#2


Our today’s quote is from the one,*dramatic music* the only Dumbledore!!!!!!!

“Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.”

If you remember the book, in which it was (I know I remember), then don’t forget to comment, and if you don’t I will gladly tell you😁, you just have to ask.

Dumbledore Family #2

For those of you who haven’t watched Fantastic Beasts you wouldn’t know that a pheonix will come to any Dumbledore in dire need. It is proved when Dumbledore told Newt about how his great-great-grandfather had one, later he did to and so did his brother Aurelius.

Is Aurelius In The 'Harry Potter' Books? Credence's Real Identity ...

Obscurial#2 / Dumbledore Family #1

Ariana Dumbledore could have been an Obscurial too, as the description of her “illness” given by her brother Aberforth fit the description of an Obscurial; “It destroyed her, what they did: she was never right again.” Her “accidents” in which her mother and later her died could have been due to her being a Obscurial.

Ariana Dumbledore | Harry Potter Wiki | Fandom