A bunch of things left unsaid

You can’t patch up a cloth over a hundred times
It wont retain its style
You could say it feels more homely know after one or two times
Worn in and comfortable
Just like home
But darling you can only patch it a few times
In the end it becomes a rag
Used and torn apart
Redundant to say the least
Utterly destroyed by those mordacious clashes
I know that only love can hurt like this
And you know it too
So why’d you have to hit me where it hurts the most
Because there’s a limit to how much you can fix
And even you with your smarts and intelligence quirks you teased me about
Can’t fix it all
And change it back to the way it was
There’s no magic for us
Just reality
That now we are apart
And you’re happy now
Because you’re free
Free from me…..

There is an specific amount of times you can salvage a friendship, try to fit in or be pushy about it, but then you just reach an extent and then there comes jealousy. The jealousy which quite wisely put never has an expiration date, but one day you grow out of it just unexpectedly out of the blue you forget that a person exists and you move on and the joy that comes with it is the best.

There are no words to describe it you just stop caring kill off the character in your story and move on to a new chapter with different people different scenes and lesser but more valuable characters. In the end so many things are best left unsaid..

This past year had sooo many ups and downs and honestly there is so much I can say but then again it’s special yet not and some secrets are best when there is a mystery.

In the end both sides feel relieved when we loose someone because it’s for the best.

Anyyywayssss I’m backkk

Boards are over and I’m elated I’ll try to post more often now :)))

Girl with pride

I’m the strong fire,
I strive in pain,
I’m the weak fire,
Because like many,
I think about my gain.

There are ups,
Then there are downs,
I extinguish,
And then I roar,
Till I am out of bounds!

You can’t control me,
Because I have already soared,
You can't stop me,
You can’t cease me,
Or you will be in the way of my sword,
And in the end I will be your lord!

I am myself,
And proud to be it,
I am strong and I am weak,
I’m a girl with a strong mind,
And I won’t be restrained,
I won’t be left behind,
I am a girl with pride!

Be a well informed global citizen!

Yeah the title is a bit boring I guess?
So basically I wrote two poems for my school assembly few days ago (as in it was yesterday xD )
So I thought I’ll post them here, the first one was about exam preparation and I decided not to post it, but might, like IDK if I should, but this one is……
Well you’ll read what it is………
Also I changed my header!!!!!
Thank you for voting and your opinions everyone!!!

Tons of deaths,
Tons of progress,
A war fought here,
Peace bought there!

Our world goes through stages,
With tons of changes,
The fools don’t know,
What many undergo!

Things change in our country
And in our world,
Be a well informed global citizen,
And help our world!

Yeah it was super cringy, IK
Anyways, given that I am super lazy to update my divider to match my new green shade (its a duller and darker shade than the previous one oof), I’m just gonna end it here and go to sleep!

So if anyone wants me to post the boring exam one I will, for now I bid you all adieu, stay safe, have a good night (or a morning, afternoon or evening, or whatever you have)!!!!

Déjà vu

Déjà vu,
Every time I switched schools,
Same type of introductions, 
Same type of people,
Same rules, 
Same nervousness,
Certaines choses ne changent jamais

Déjà su,
Of course I know things like classes won't change,
All first days of school the same,
All classes the same,
Il n'y avait pas de différence,
Aucun que je connaissais

Déjà vécu,
Naturally I had lived it all before, 
Every time, 
Every year,
It was to be the same wasn't it?
Ça a toujours été

Jusqu'à ce que ce ne soit pas,
Everything was different this time,
No going to school, 
No meeting friends,
No cribbing about double periods like a fool,
Tout a changé

Les choses ont tourné pour de bon,
Et puis ils étaient à nouveau mauvais,
Everything started to seem normal, 
We started to slip into our old routine again,
Ça a encore changé,
It got worse,
No offline school again,
Covid terrorizing all,
No friends again,
All of us dreaming of meeting again,
In the cafeteria hall

Les choses ne sont pas pareilles maintenant,
Like they were,
Some changes are good,
Some bad,
Don't know which one this is,

©2021, Potterheadaanya

Hey guys!
I hope you all are well!!!
So basically this was a poem I wrote some in English some in French, cause lots of reasons ig?
You can check out it’s translation here

Anyway this describes how I felt every time I had changed schools, and the first days of school every year, every time it was same, till the day it changed.
And how COVID-19 affected our lives, and I still don’t know whether it is a good change or a bad one……
PS check out my hate filled review of the cursed child here.

How did you feel adjusting to online schools?

I wish you all a happy day ahead, stay safe!