The beauty

Pleasant autumn wind blows
My hair covers my face
The leaves rustle as I walk
Yellow and red cover the ground

I take a moment to breathe in the air
I dance around the trees
Admiring the beauty
The peace and serenity

The World stops for me
I don't wish to loose this moment
But alas, like it autumn came
It will go away
Leaving no trace of it's beauty.......

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Back to Earth

I visited heaven
Brown, gorgeous
Soft like a cloud
It melted in my mouth
People say good things don't last long
And they are right.

After a minute
I looked at my stomach
And realized the chocolate was in it
Before I knew
I was back to the Earth
And the chocolate had proved it's worth!

This poem makes absolutely no sense at all if you have never felt eaten a melted chocolate…..
The way it melts in your mouth, ahh, heaven……………..

Also, I am trying to write fiction check out my new story here.

Anyways I found a great new quote today………..

A book a day keeps the stupidity away.


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Hi people this is the continued version of my last post.

Dead, as the glass shatters
All hope is lost
The stress sucks me in a whirlpool
As my last breath dies
Oh, this misery
Pain, I leave it all behind
In a new journey of life
Void of emotions
Not a care in this world
I am dead……
As the clock chimes 12
I pity the living
Or do I
Nothing left in me
I try to get up
Live for all my might
But is it worth it?
Should I die as my dreams shatter
Or fix them 
Is it worth?
Answer me
Is it?

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