To me talents are like files on a computer deleted by mistake, on the journey to the recycle bin you discover a lot of things which make it more special and when you find that file, nothing can replace your happiness……….


This happens with me all the time, and there are many of us, who are multitalented who keep deleting files and never pay attention to a particular thing till we realize it is important to us, go to the recycle bin and then realize you haven’t emptied it in a long time………….

A lot of us, are talented and we overlook our talents in search of something better, a talent more recognized, more special to the world, but what we don’t see is that we are talented in our own way, and even if we practice that not so important talent, it can turn into a greater one.

So in conclusion, all I achieved was that I have got to stop deleting my files without looking…….. Oh, and we all are talented in different ways, we just need to find it, and most of the time, it’s right under our noses!!!

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