This one for the bullies

Me hanging with the jocks
The cool kids of the school
The ones who don't wash their socks
Some of them were bullies
Who steal people's cookies

I saw them tyrannize a girl
Making fun of her health
Though she was as priceless as a pearl
Oh how they laughed and hurt her
As they made fun of her sweater

Too fragile they said to her
All of my group chuckled and guffawed with those bullies
But I didn't I told my mom
I didn't laugh at her, or be mean to her
But she didn't know why
So I said
I was that girl mumma

Heya people, look who’s back, this girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This poem is one I wrote yesterday after a time I can finally laugh at those idiots who used to bully irritate (lets make it irritate instead of bully to be nice to them shall we) me and call me allergy
Finally, but I’ll still be on and off for a few more weeks, but I most certainly will be active here!!!!
Also, I will be doing NaNoFinMo this year (since I got some time now then 9th grade 😑) which is basically finishing your novel, or editing it I guess? Eh!
So uh yeah, also I noticed something, so for those of you who have read the worst witch or watched it, you’ll know about Ethel HALLOW}
Like HALLOW like the deathly hallows
And yeah, I was gonna write something else too, but I kinda forgot what so uhh yeah
Anyways, bye humans!