Every house is special

Hufflepuff the sweetest of all
The loyal, the patient
They work so hard
They are the most proficient
You may call these hard-workers weak
But remember for him didn’t you weep
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Ravenclaw the wisest of all
Ravenclaw the ones who you call a know-it-all
Ravenclaws the ones with wisdom and wit
To get into their sacred place
A riddle you must solve
So tell me do you know it
A riddle solved by those know-it-alls
You may call them stuck up
But tell me didn't she teach you all
Eccentricity is the best
It will help you on your quest
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Gryffindor, the brave and mighty lions
Gryffindor, the ones with most of the nerves
Gryffindors, the ones that can stand up to their friends
Gryffindor, the knights in the shining armor 
Chivalrous they are
Loyal you may call them
But tell me, didn't he make the Order fall
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Slytherin, the most ambitious of all
Those cunning minds can lead and help you
Just as loyal as a Gryffindor
They are the most resourceful
Yet their courage is just as forceful
Not all are self-centered
Not all are selfish
You may call them incapable of love
Ah, but many of them encountered 
With Aphrodite's dove
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All the houses are unique in their own way
Yet all have exceptions
And traitors
All are special
All are different
And that is what is best about them!!

So don’t be riddikulus

If you haven’t yet then read Harry Potter

It’s the best

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137 thoughts on “Every house is special”

  1. Huffle puff is tooo great coz in std.6 I belonged to this house n I represented it in a debate comp n even got my poem printed in a teenager today magazine !! I loved that house but now my fav is ravenclaw d one I belonged to in 7 th … our class 8 has been made a jest of !! Online 😫

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  2. Lovely write, Aanya!! I am so happy that you mentioned all the houses here and I agree with you on how it’s their differences that make them unique!!❀️I see you focussed a bit on Pettigrew, just so you know Quirrell and Lockhart were Ravenclaws tooπŸ˜‚
    I loved the poem though l, especially the part about Luna!!

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      1. Yep!
        Many of her predictions came true, she was just like Cassandra, no one believed her, all houses have a ton of exceptions, Gryffindors have a ton, Slytherin too, though I don’t know many in Hufflepuff……..πŸ’™

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      2. You seem fixated on the idea that Gryffindors are ‘reckless’ and always getting into trouble. They are brave and hence always the first to confront danger. The other houses lead safer lives because the Gryffindors ensure their safety.

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      3. You got that from Screenrant, I read that yesterday πŸ˜‚
        You see, Dumbledore and McGonagall were Gryffindors and brilliant. So is Hermione. They appreciate the right amount of silence and being nerds, they must have sat still for long periods to get reading done. So, you’re not quite right there.

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      4. i don’t think so that other houses are just doing timepass while gryfinddors do all the work…ensuring safety and all…i feel all other house are equally talented and even more sometimes…i suggest u read this https://www.quora.com/Which-Hogwarts-house-would-you-get-rid-of-and-why and https://www.quora.com/If-you-had-to-remove-one-of-the-Hogwarts-houses-from-the-series-which-would-you-choose-and-why…may have chosen gryfinddor for multiple reasons

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      5. I never said the other houses are useless. I focussed on only the safety part. I absolutely agree that all houses are equally talented and required in their own ways.
        And please don’t suggest links such as those. They’re written by readers such as ourselves and we’re all entitled to our own opinions. Just because Gryffindor is the prominent house, it’s not bad and it’s just as beneficial to Hogwarts as the other houses are. You can’t ‘remove’ any.

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      6. sorry if it offended you in any way ! I did not mean to remove any houses ..but I really liked some of the points suggested…also let us leave this discussion as it is not proving really beneficial…and eeach of is right in our own ways πŸ™‚

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      7. ummm.i am not denying the fact they are good..but i feel jk was very biased towards them and like you said the other characters were not given mucch importance…and that is exactly why i feel they were overatted

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      8. That can be traced to the founders. Gryffindor was something of a leader to the other three and it is his hat that came to be the Sorting Hat. But while writing a book, you can’t focus on everyone equally. The protogonists were made Gryffindors with friends from other houses while the villains were mainly composed of Slytherins. Calling the house ‘over rated’ is not right, they were chosen as the centre around which the story revolved.

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      9. I hate Peter pettigrew….he is just horrible…😒😀😀😀😀 he cost siruis his freedom.. because of him Lilly and James are dead…he helped voldemort rise again…and if it was not for him… voldemort would not have come back…plus he remained a rat fir 12 years.. he is plain disgusting

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      10. haha agree…..But in thee books yes…for the fact jk is very biased towwards gryfinddor..and have potrayed them as all “good ” whcih i am very against as each house should have their equal share of good and bad…

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  3. Oh god that was one of the most BEAUTIFUL Harry potter posts I’ve ever read, NO LIE!! β€πŸ–€

    The last picture of Snape literally broke me to pieces😭😭😭😡πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

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