Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw
You call us arrogant
But have you met us all
You don’t know us as you think you do
Join us and you might learn a thing or two

Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw
You call us uptight
But have you met us all
You Gryffindors are the nosiest when we go to a mall

Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw
You call us cold
But have you met us all
You Slytherins are the coldest of them all

Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw
You call us judgementall
But have you met us all
You Hufflepuffs trust all
Which results in your fall

Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw
It is the best
Join us on your quest
Because Ravenclaw is the best

I know I am bad at poetry, but I swear this is my worst attempt XDXD……….. Anyway this is just me highlighting why Ravenclaw is the best house of all!!!!!! Also I don’t intend to hurt you all people from other houses……… It’s just for me Ravenclaw is the best, and I am sure most of you agree πŸ˜‰

Mischief Managed!!

82 thoughts on “Ravenclaw!

  1. ‘Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw
    You call us judgementall’

    What is this poem if not judgemental? As a Gryffindor, can I just say this poem is almost a poetic declaration of Ravenclaw arrogance πŸ˜‚ But my second favourite character is Luna and she’s a Ravenclaw πŸ’•

    Loved the rhyme scheme, Aanya! Your poems are sounding really good!!❀️

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    • You know I was thinking of not approving this comment but since you are one of the people I can easily ask advice from, I approved it…….
      I know it is judgementall, but a few houses really think that we are just as self-centered as biased as Malfoy!! Luna is the best!!πŸ’•
      Thank you so much D!!!
      Stay safe!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜β€πŸ’•πŸ’™

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  2. That’s actually a pretty cool poem Aanya! I’m a proud Ravenclaw too! All hail The Wisest House of all! All hail all houses actually… And all hail Goddess Athena! It’s a great poem!

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  3. All houses are AMAZING!
    Lemme just name some of the great traits from each:
    Slytherin – Resourceful, cunning and ambition.
    Ravenclaw – Wit, wisdom and creative.
    Gryffindor – Bravery, nerve, friendly.
    Hufflepuff – Hard working, loyal, patience.

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