Bookworm is NOT an insult

Heya humans!!
How are you all today?
I hope you’re all fine!

So today I will talk about Bookworms.

So I googled bookworm and this was the first result I got, bookworm being an INSULT, and I was like hold up, no way, and sometimes my classmates used it as an insult or in hindi as we say “किताबी कीड़ा (Kitabi Keeda)”.

Like yes I am a bookworm, and yes I do read too much, and people still use it as an insult, but I can tell, every single bookworm is proud to be one, and no it’s not an insult, it is a dream come true if someone calls you a bookworm.

So yes we are wretched to you, because we like to consume our time in better things like reading, which is much better than interacting to you simpletons.
We are wretched because we realise that there are much better things than indulging in your silly gossip, we know the world much better than you do, because we live in many different perspectives, we are open minded for we know how things are, and life in books isn’t perfect, it’s far from it.
We learn numerous things from books, even the fantasy and fiction you all call time waste.
We fall, we break and we get hurt numerous times, only to come back stronger, we learn to live, and we live to feel other’s pain, empathize, we learn a part of ourselves we never knew, we live as if we were the character.
All our daydreaming makes us better, we imagine and we believe and our imagination can get us out of many things you would never think off, we may not have social lives like you, and we may be boring to you, but we have way more interesting lives than you could ever imagine.

So in the end, bookworm will never be an insult, we are all wretched worms as you call us, who love to read to escape stupidity, foolishness, the corruption, the real life, but not because we don’t want to run away from it, but because we know how it feels like, we have felt the pain in every character many a times.
We choose to read despite our pain because we know one day things will get better, books are a safe haven.

So yeah bookworm is not an insult, at least it’s not for me, sometimes I think I am more than a bookworm, like I’m a bookdragon, or a bookhorse (I know this one doesn’t make sense, but horses are very fast, and I read a lot so yeah xD )

So which bookanimal are you?
Do you agree with me that bookworm is not an insult?

Thanks for reading!
Stay safe!

This one for the bullies

Me hanging with the jocks,
The cool kids of the school,
The ones who don't wash their socks,
Some of them were bullies,
Who steal people's cookies.

I saw them tyrannize a girl,
Making fun of her health,
Though she was as priceless as a pearl,
Oh how they laughed and hurt her,
As they made fun of her sweater.

Too fragile they said to her,
All of my group chuckled and guffawed with those bullies,
But I didn't I told my mom,
I didn't laugh at her, or be mean to her,
But she didn't know why,
So I said,
"I was that girl mumma!"

Heya people, look who’s back, this girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This poem is one I wrote yesterday after a time I can finally laugh at those idiots who used to bully irritate (lets make it irritate instead of bully to be nice to them shall we) me and call me allergy
Finally, but I’ll still be on and off for a few more weeks, but I most certainly will be active here!!!!
Also, I will be doing NaNoFinMo this year (since I got some time now then 9th grade 😑) which is basically finishing your novel, or editing it I guess? Eh!
So uh yeah, also I noticed something, so for those of you who have read the worst witch or watched it, you’ll know about Ethel HALLOW}
Like HALLOW like the deathly hallows
And yeah, I was gonna write something else too, but I kinda forgot what so uhh yeah
Anyways, bye humans!

A bunch of things left unsaid

You can’t patch up a cloth over a hundred times
It wont retain its style
You could say it feels more homely know after one or two times
Worn in and comfortable
Just like home
But darling you can only patch it a few times
In the end it becomes a rag
Used and torn apart
Redundant to say the least
Utterly destroyed by those mordacious clashes
I know that only love can hurt like this
And you know it too
So why’d you have to hit me where it hurts the most
Because there’s a limit to how much you can fix
And even you with your smarts and intelligence quirks you teased me about
Can’t fix it all
And change it back to the way it was
There’s no magic for us
Just reality
That now we are apart
And you’re happy now
Because you’re free
Free from me…..

There is an specific amount of times you can salvage a friendship, try to fit in or be pushy about it, but then you just reach an extent and then there comes jealousy. The jealousy which quite wisely put never has an expiration date, but one day you grow out of it just unexpectedly out of the blue you forget that a person exists and you move on and the joy that comes with it is the best.

There are no words to describe it you just stop caring kill off the character in your story and move on to a new chapter with different people different scenes and lesser but more valuable characters. In the end so many things are best left unsaid..

This past year had sooo many ups and downs and honestly there is so much I can say but then again it’s special yet not and some secrets are best when there is a mystery.

In the end both sides feel relieved when we loose someone because it’s for the best.

Anyyywayssss I’m backkk

Boards are over and I’m elated I’ll try to post more often now :)))

World Suicide Prevention Day

Feeding on darkness
Such a delight 
My hunger is finally being sufficed and fulfilled
What a joy it is to live in this century
With humans who care
A bit too much
And then none at all
Oh this society 
Doesn't think at all
These demeaning taunts
How I feed on them all
Such joy to exist
Ebullience rushing in my veins
I think of a time when humans used their brains
Such an abomination was it when they didn't kill themselves with strawberry flavored vape
I'm elated to live now
And forever prevail
~Suicide’s musings

Thought I’d do something different and write the musings of suicide as a character living in our era.
Each year on 10th September Suicide prevention day is marked to help people and spread awareness on why mental health is important and how drugs and suicide are not the way to combat life and problems.
With each day suicide is a growing issue impacting millions in the world. Least we could do is recognize the symptoms before a person commits it and help prevent it…..

Confused is the man who takes a break
Yet is unafraid
The man might be confused
At least he isn’t dull
Temporary solutions exist
Don’t force yourself to choose the one
In which you won’t exist…….

To define is to limit

Um hi?
I’m alive hehe….
Tenth is hard💀
So I wrote this poem long back questioning everything inspired from Oscar Wilde’s quote ‘To define is to limit’.

Who am I?
To define is to limit.
To define me on my religion,
Or from the state I belong,
Or maybe to define me on my looks,
My hair colour.
Or perhaps the colour of my eye,
And yet so from the area from where I use my wifi.
From my country,
Or from the colour of my skin,
From my age,
Or to define me on the basis of my brain.
Whether I am a fool or a sage,
To define me as a human is yet again to limit.
Maybe that’s limiting us all,
What if we are not one at all?
What if we are different?
What if defining a person,
As a person is not at all free but yet again to limit?
Calling them by their names is to limit,
Like Anne said;
She was an Anne and a Cordelia,
And maybe we all have a Cordelia we just need to find.
But then again,
We define.
We limit.
We limit greatness,
And we limit,
And at the end,
We limit,

So like this poem was more of a rant on how we all are limited and just caged.
I mean even the free birds don’t have freedom….
At the end of the day they are caged
To the sky

An Orsa of Equality #4

 “It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.”

-Emma Watson

And today I will be focusing mainly and the most important things that men face just them because if I don’t dedicate a complete whole post to it and not just pieces in all posts my male best friend will kill me.

Women acting weak, pretty normal, men not so, our society is so messed up that men aren’t allowed to act ‘weak’ as it’s said or to actually express their emotions (which totally isn’t weak and I wrote about it in the second post in this series so yeah). It doesn’t actually let men take a step back at times and always emotionally pressurizes them to be so closed off and not pay much attention to their mental health.

Now misuse of power by females, it happens a lot, a few days back I looked up on this dowry case that had happened in my city and the family which the female had accused was innocent but had to face unnecessary 12 years in jail because of that, another incident is what happened last year in Lucknow when a woman thrashed a cab driver for absolutely no reason and accused him of hitting her (you can read more on this here). So my main point here is that with the changes coming up in our society and the laws being made these days men have it horrible with the judicial system as statistically with the up and coming human right laws females are believed 34% more in the judicial system because of the inequality, so the judicial system of the entire world is pretty messed up (more on this in the next point).

So a few days back I was watching this Infographics Show video on death row (don’t ask why, do watch the video it has all the statistics to prove my point) anyways so after watching it I looked up more on that and yeah here we are (heads up all of these numbers are of America I could not find of the world or India).

So let me put out a few facts here 12% of all murders are committed by females in the US, but of these 12% convicted with death only 2% are actually put on death row unlike men who are more likely to be committed. Since studies show that women have more redeeming qualities they are put on death row less than males and the average jury feels this way too, so when murders are committed by a male and a female the male is way more likely to get a harsher sentence than the female which by the way is not fair to males. Many defense lawyers have also said that it’s much easier to get a woman off a death row than a man. This problem exists in more judicial cases too and punishments not just death rows. Here is the link to the video for more information.

Also my friend SNF told me about a few science facts about both genders and I’m just gonna put these here before he rants on about how unequal I get (even though I totally don’t) 😐

  • Females can see 100 more times the color that an average male sees.
  • Females have naturally more endorphins than males so they are able to bear around 30 times the pain a man can bear.

Also I found this really creative post with these wonderful illustrations on double standards, do check it out here.
And we’re done for the day, in case I missed a few (which I know I did) so please help me out and I will highlight them in the next post!

Again sleepy me cause it’s late and I get my final term results tomorrow ahhhhhhhh-

An Orsa of Equality #3

“My feminist dream is to one day not be surprised when an item of clothing I’ve bought has pockets”

Kathleen Smith

We all knew I was gonna finally get to pockets (yeah okay it’s an inside joke I know those of you who are on my instagram got this one)
So today let’s talk about the double standards with clothing and overall outlook. LETS GOOOOOOOO
PS I know I’ll skip many and these are just the more commonly faced ones so yeah you can add more in the comments also I’m sleepy and lazy and it’s 1am right now, we will be ignoring any grammar mistakes grammatical errors which I might make, thank you.

Let’s start with hair first…….
First of all when a man has long hair he is insulted and said it doesn’t suit him or just majorly criticized and labelled wild but women are encouraged to have long hair and many a times with short hair they are criticized or scowled upon (it happens a lot statistically 67% of the females with short hair have heard all these remarks, now I for one haven’t to that extant but people do generally label me as a tomboy or way too boyish because of my short hair, but hey I don’t care what you think, I am a girl and short hair is easier to manage, end of discussion). If a person wants to have long hair, let them, same with short hair, WHY THE DIFFERENCE WITH GENDERS LIKE IT’S HAIR PEOPLE.
Like traditionally it’s said in old texts that men had short hair cause they had to fight so yeah, I don’t think most men are going and killing other men and fighting with them just cause they stole their potato chips now are they?
Then let’s get to body hair, COME ON PEOPLE, I get it, if a person wants to shave because of hygiene or just for themselves it’s okay, but why are women who have body hair looked down upon and forced to shave them WHEN IT’S TOTALLY FINE THAT MEN HAVE BODY HAIR AND NO BODY MINDS (I’ve faced this, I fight with my mom about this every single day, our society sucks people).

Moving on, clothes.
Alright, let’s face it, even men have it bad here.
I’ll start with a personal incident, few days back a few of my friends had this image of a model wearing lehenga and were criticizing him on the group and then just started insulting that man so bad cause he was wearing clothes traditionally designed for females.
So my main point, women can wear suits and men’s clothing (I literally am wearing a pair of pajamas from the boy’s section, not that it matters but meh, also it has pockets, we’ll get to that later) and men are shamed when they wear women’s clothing.
Alright so I have no clue about the things in foreign countries but here in India after a girl reaches teenage and all they generally don’t wear shorts cause society and the aunties who gossip, it’s not bad in cities but in rural areas, woah. It’s there in many other cultures too, but we’ll not talk about it right now and will just leave this here.

The way of sitting and posture-(I feel like I’m writing a social science 5 marker answer which is why I’m adding personal commentary side by side today so it doesn’t feel like that, anyways yeah) so (I’m telling this about India by the way) when sitting with legs wide open that’s sitting like a man apparently so yeah and basically just that it’s annoying and women are supposed to sit shyly and sophisticatedly like WHY (ok this is not much of a point than a rant so feel free to ignore this one)………..?????????

Given that I have now covered the main points that I wanted to, in case I’m forgetting something I’ll add that in the morning so yeah my favorite and the topic I’ve wanted to talk about since ages
Oh and a few of my friends even challenged me on this so I got them proofs and did A TON OF RESEARCH LIKE A LOT which I’ll link in the end cause why not.

First a short version of this

Throughout the history, ever since pockets were first made, when men went to war they have never been stitched into female garments, these days they are there but never much for, as the old historical texts quote, ‘there was no need for women to leave and go out hence killing the use of a pocket’ this indicates how in the past few centuries women were locked up and their freedom taken away from them.

Now a longer one cause yeah it’s gonna be long so we will tell it in the form of a story (that or I’ll just fall asleep both work)

So imagine your name to be Cerena (side note I had this guitar; my first guitar, I named it Cerena cause like I treated it like a human and I was like 10 and yeah very childish but every night I used to tuck it in with a blanket and all) living in the early 18th century few 400 years back, your grandmother tells you stories of how in their times her grandmother told them everyone used to have bags in which they carried stuff instead of sewing them in their clothes like these warriors did in these new times.
Also more to the setting now a decade back a war broke out and men are trained to leave for battles and they have these things called pockets stitched into their clothes for hiding things when they leave for war and to reduce their luggage, meanwhile whenever you go out, which is very rare because the society, you always have to carry an extra bag which causes you great inconvenience but again you cannot do anything about it because society. Oh also you were supposed to wear that bag under your clothes, which was totally inaccessible deeming it completely useless.
Fast forward a few decades, french revolution begins and women see how they can create a change, so do a few of your grandkids who are inspired by this.
And then we fast forward a hundred years when your grandkids have had grandkids (and OMG why does this feel like a video on the infographics show (which is very awesome btw, I love that channel, it’s super interesting, I can give you the link if you want) anyways back to our topic now) who have had children and now start fighting along with a women’s association for a change in this in circa 1871 AD. And though there is little impact you know there is a change.
Around 80 years later, some impact comes and oh look fake pockets and here is the legendary Christian Dior’s (about whom we study in our french book for culture and civilization for getting 10 whole marks) take on it. He cemented the sexism of pockets in 1954 by stating, “Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration.” And then we fast forward 70 years and we are still having the same argument. 
Many old texts say that women had no need to go out and giving them independence was dangerous and since they didn’t go out, there was no need for said pockets, such sexist pigs they were.
Anyways statistics show that around 70% of the fashion industry is dominated by men who believe in Dior and hence whenever we go to buy a nice cozy pair of pajamas in which we can keep our hands in the pockets to protect ourselves from that cold air in the morning, we can’t, because they rarely exist, how delightful.
Which is why I straight head to the men’s section, POCKETS PEOPLE, I need them to hide chewing gums…

Anyways in case you wish to read a non (wannabe) hilarious version and a more serious one you can go here, here and here.

And an hour and over a thousand words later I have finally finished this post now I need to do formatting and proof reading, how wonderful……
Anyways I hope you like it and point out as many points you face and want to be added here, for now I bid you adieu mes amis.

Yeah this is totally me right now

An Orsa of Equality #2

“She overcame everything that was meant to destroy her and that in itself was enough to bring a change……..”

And thus we begin again (pun intended if you got it, ik one of you will), today I’ll rant on about Double Standards in our society, since there are soo many of them that I found out, I’ll make a few parts of this cause I have over 15 of these so maybe 3 in each post?
Cause otherwise it’ll be too long and I kinda need content too so uh yeah😅 (We all will ignore the fact that I am VERY lazy)

“When a woman cries, it’s viewed as normal. When a man cries, he’s told to man up”
Throughout the world, crying is a symbol of the weak, when in reality it makes you stronger once you accept that you have feelings and suffer trauma. It’s generally said that whenever a person starts crying that person is acting like a girl because the society associates feelings and emotions to women and shows men as feelingless which is said that that shows them as stronger. Men are told not to cry because they are depicted as the stronger gender and crying is for the weak. In reality though, this world would be a better place if we let both genders express their emotions because that is a symbol of strength and accepting life at it’s best.

“A man does something it’s strategic, a woman does the same thing, it’s calculated; a man is allowed to react where a woman can only over-react”-Taylor Swift
The society has a different vocabulary for the same things both the genders do, but a match harsher one for women. They criticize those women who go against the patriarchy and question them for a change; and oftentimes in India they even comment, ‘ladki haath sei nikal gayi’ (she is out of your hands) like hell yeah, you are no one to control her! She saw how you were squashing her and she got rid of you, that’s powerful. Or maybe just those women who wish to bring the same change as men, and that’s where the criticism begins. It’s calculated in the sense that she has an evil plan when she is only doing the same thing a man did with a proper plan but has to face backlash for it.
Same is when women are called drama queens jokingly and are always said that they overreact because them ‘reacting’ is always too much as their opinions aren’t valued the way the men’s are.

When a man says no, it’s the end of a conversation,
When a woman says no, it’s the beginning of a negotiation

I mean do I even need to explain that?
That’s truth in itself if we paid more attention to our normal everyday conversations which we overlook.
And men are always taken more seriously which is absolutely unfair and just impractical and just infuriating okay, I’ve freaking noticed this in real life a lot times too, IT’S NOT FAIR.

And yeah, that’s it for today, have you ever felt any of these in your daily life?
PS I have more posts on this coming soon!

An Orsa of Equality

When men are oppressed it’s a tragedy,
When women are oppressed it’s a tradition…

-Letty Cottin Pogrebin

And thus, I begin a new chapter on my blog, this one which I will hopefully finish, but first of all, happy international women’s day, here is to breaking the bias between both genders (which is the theme for this year too so pun intended)!

Orsa means beginning or start in Latin and yeah here is my step towards equality for both genders, feminism and breaking stereotypes and taboos. I have back to back posts planned out for the next few days, this one is a poem I wrote on menstruation which is seriously a topic that the society should stop treating like it’s horrible, it’s normal people get over it, and then I have some facts on it on how hard it is :)…….
Here we go……

A drop she sheds,
And many more so,
Life she gives,
But her pain you don’t know.

You sneer upon her agony,
You call her pain disgusting,
When in reality it’s a beauty,
Even though her anger might sometimes be disrupting.

She hides it from you,
So you feel comfortable,
Only tells a few,
Even when she herself is uncomfortable,

Stop the discrimination,
And the seclusion,
It’s because your lack of education,
Why the segregation because of menstruation?

It’s not harmful,
Neither is it infectious,
Periods are a part of life,
And create many more.

“Menstrual blood is the only blood that isn’t born from violence but is the one that disgusts society the most.” Periods, menstruation, that time of the month, menorrhea, Aunt Flo, the monthlies or the curse. A blessing for many deemed a curse. Something so beautiful which disrelishes many. 

Menstruation is defined as the process in which a person discharges blood and other material from the lining of the uterus at intervals of about one lunar month from puberty until menopause, except during pregnancy. It’s not only women who menstruate but many men too. 

The society scorns those who openly speak about it. It is considered shameful to talk about it, and; a woman menstruating is considered infertile. Numerous taboos are revolving around periods. Females from a young age are taught to keep a poker face about periods. To conceal it and never to talk about it in front of men. Men across the ages have believed that the monthly cycle is a curse bestowed upon women and it should be kept in the cupboard for it is something which is repelling and to be ashamed of.

Women across the world face different stereotypes and taboos while in their menstrual cycle. As people are getting more educated and are opening their minds, numerous taboos have started to be broken but those coming from a lowly uneducated background are still taught to be wary of periods. Even some literate men coming are disgusted by the idea of periods because of their close-mindedness.
In India, 3 out of 5 women are not allowed to sit on sofas during periods, 7 out of 10 females are asked to stay out of the kitchen while on their periods. Many people are of the misconception that if a menstruating person touches a plant the plant dies, but as the UN beautifully puts it, plants don’t discriminate like humans. Such taboos need to end. Periods are normal and must be openly talked about. A female should feel comfortable talking about it with men and women alike, it’s normal and it’s life. 

As per recent studies, on average, menstruation starts around the age of 12 and ends around the age of 52. That is about 40 years of menstrual periods. Most women have their period cycle around 28 days, one lunar cycle, which is approximately one month. 40 years and 12 periods per year i.e. 40×12 months = 480 periods. The average length of periods is about 3-5 days which is 1440-2400 days of bleeding. That’s 4-6.5 years of bleeding. Women bleed for 4-6.5 years only to be called the weaker gender. Period pain is said to be almost as painful as heart attack pain, yet women are still looked down upon when they are in their flowering time. To face differentiation for the pain they go through in the journey of life, for the journey of life. 

Periods aren’t infectious, neither are they repulsing, they are part of a beautiful and wonderful phase of life. Women shed blood, but unlike men, they shed the blood of life not of warfare and killing. We as humans need to put an end to the taboos surrounding menstruation, we need to start talking openly about it and normalising it. It’s time we brought a change in this world for the better, brought a change for those whose change brings us life.

This one was a bit different than my old posts but the next few ones are like this…
Hope you give them a read 🙂
Here’s to the many strong women who’ve made this world a better place for all the other girls by showing that change can be brought……


*whispers and quickly hides so that people won’t scream at her for not being active then realises that she has been so inactive now that nobody misses her or minds*

SOooooooooooooo, how are you all?
What’s up?
I have been resurrected again and this time I will be posting I have posts planned back to back now
I, uhh wrote this poem last year and I’m not even friends with more than half of these people anymore and I made way better friends I need to write on but hey I’m not letting my creativity go to waste just cause we all are not friends anymore I mean that’s a total waste of it and I am a VERY lazy person💀……

Just a heads up, it’s long

Gems, precious stones,
Pearls and diamond rings,
Books and books and books,
Money, fame and power,
Don’t mean anything,
Till you can share them,
With those who tell you the terrible truth,
Than the kind lies,
Ones who stand up for you,
Even when you are wrong,
Only to scold you later,
They break you,
So you can come back stronger,
They hurt you,
They protect you,
Some backstabbers,
And some more loyal than dogs,
The world is full of them,
Full of special people,
Known as friends!

I have some very special,
Fun and eccentric friends,
Each unique in their own way!
They are so unique,
It could take days, maybe even years, to describe them,
Yet they have simple grounded personalities,
Always content with life,
We all have friends like them,
Complicated yet so simple….
Here is an ode to them,
To the ones who keep all of us sane,
Even in the hardest of times,
A special thanks and an ode to each and every one of them!

This one for that friend,
Who obsesses on fictional men with you,
A whizz with words,
And sings like a songbird!
Can annoy the hell out of you,
And can cheer you up,
When you’re feeling blue!

This one for the one who’s mega crazy, 
And super vexatious,
But always there, 
Even though when we don’t want him to be,
I know you are gonna google the meaning of vexatious,
I’ll save you the time,
It means annoying,
Just like you,
But at the end of the day you’re worth the time!

This one for that nerdy friend,
The one who solves all the doubts,
No matter how stupid, 
No matter how long,
Explaining the postulates of Euclid,
Seriously, you're very bright!

This one for that one friend,
Whom you can irritate,
At 11 in the night,
That one friend,
Who is always your partner in crime,
Who stays up late with you
Wearing out each other,
Trying to and miserably failing to solve the same questions,
With those stupid answers we come up with,
No offense, but you and I both stink at those HOTS,
Coming up with nonsensical answers,
Offering each other desperate suggestions.

This one for that fangirl friend,
Always popping up in your inbox with one random fact or another,
The one who is paranoid about the news,
Even when it doesn’t affect her,
The one who is a true believer of God,
Always anxious and keeps on overthinking,
Yet you can’t stop loving her.

This one for my friend,
Who shares the love of books with me,
And of poetry,
Yet is never online.

This one for that friend,
Who is super nice,
And has a knack for solving all fights!

An ode to that tiny sarcastic friend that we all have,
The one who is great at sports,
We met through sports,
We connected because of it,
A nimble and skilled skater, 
Who I know will always be there,
Even when I kill someone,
She’ll be there, 
And will help me clean up the mess!

Grateful for my two inseparable friends,
One a graceful dancer,
And the other, a handwriting queen!

This one for that monitor friend,
Always writing names,
Adding black stars, 
I admire your patience,
And feel sorry for the hate you got when you exceeded your limitations!
That one friend who annoys you,
Who challenges you,
And brings out the best in you,
Who cheers you up,
When all hope is lost,
Who explains you the syllabus a day before the exam,
And never for a moment,
Minds doing so…..

This one for the friend,
Whom I can rant on to for ages, 
And yet never does he mind a bit,
Honestly his actions can be a little lit,
Who is the master critique,
His muffin headedness makes him unique,
A splendid orator,
And a master joke creator!

This one for that sweet and caring friend, 
An extrovert by heart,
Is always ready to talk,
And is secretly smart,
A devoted guitarist,
This one friend,
Who’s always saying ‘Hi’,
Is special,
Even though he does not know why!

This one is an ode to that friend,
Who is the bad boy of the class,
But in reality is actually pretty sweet,
The one who messages me,
There is a chipkali behind you,
Who enjoys my freaking reaction,
Before I check that my video is off and he is bluffing,
And then I realise he was trying to cheer a depressed person up,
Because we aren’t even in the same class anymore..

And that’s when the reality hits,
Even though we are all separated,
We will always be together,
Inseparable like Calvin and Hobbes,
Whatever we do it will always be together,
Friends are special and important,
Despite my love of books,
I need my friends even more than them,
Because they are better,
Yes we may fight,
And sometimes friends leave 
Unlike books,
And even though most of them aren’t civilised,
To me my friends are still prized.

So yeah the last stanza most of it is super incorrect now, and I’ve stopped caring about it, but meh, life’s gonna throw rocks at you, most of the people will either get hit by it or stay back in fear whereas I will either dodge it or break it because idk, that’s me?
I’m thinking of adding a part 2 of this for my friends who do actually deserve poems written on them because of how awesome they are and supportive (seriously guys you all are OP and I will write a poem on you an even longer and better one)!
Anyways I really should’ve posted this last year but yeah I’m lazy VERY LAZY, that reminds me I’m late for going and doing nothing and sleeping!

And I Am Me

I am me,
The small gentle little girl who hides behind her hair,
And the one who craves the spotlight and lets herself shine,
Run and soar in the morning air.
I am me,
The timid nerd behind her glasses,
And the girl who can easily challenge masses.
I am me,
And I am fire,
You can roast me,
But I will burn you after you try,
From the splinters of your pitiful fire,
I will change it into a forest fire,
For I am me.

I am a star,
Not here to be pretty though,
I am burning, writhing and raging yet dying,
But I will live longer than mankind,
For I am a star.
And I will be remembered as the star,
With people trying to study me and making me a part of their memory and textbooks,
A millennium later.
For I am me,
And not afraid.
I am fire,
And not afraid to burn the world down to build it again.
And I am a star,
I exist not to look brighten up someone's night,
But to be gazed upon as a powerful, unreachable and invincible body.
I am ME....

Dear Younger Me

Dear younger me,
What were you thinking? What were you actually thinking when you first said, “I wanna grow up! I wanna grow up to do this, or that It’ll be super fun”?

Each birthday you were so happy, each anniversary of tiny little things making you happier about how old you were getting. How you had been doing a single thing for so long?
Did it never strike you that you now have less years to do it? So much time, yet you still aren’t perfect it….
You lost so much time, but still aren’t at the top, haven’t achieved success unlike many others.
Or maybe you just haven’t worked hard enough because you said I do it when I get older, but when you get older you loose interest or your will because you aren’t perfect and you didn’t work for it before, you let a little slump take it all from you and never bothered going back to normal. And maybe just as you grew up, so did your normal.
Each birthday you were so happy about getting older, counting day to your birthday (I’m still doing that different reasons now though, it’s in 8 months 2 days by the way).
I’m not so happy about it now, I became a teenager last to last year, just reflecting on how happy my childhood was. And now, cribbing that I want to be little again.
WHAT WAS I EVEN THINKING? Seriously growing up is hard and bad and pretty stupid, just as stupid as the little me, I don’t want to be 14 now, just want to go back to the little me.

Today, the 10th of January marks my 2 year anniversary with wordpress and it’s been wonderful, I’m so grateful for all the friends I’ve made here on wordpress and so I thought of something special, could not come up with anything, but recently I’ve had an obsession with rhyming random things to make completely random couplets so I thought why don’t you all give a word and I’ll rhyme on it (I will suck btw, I’ve irritated ALOT of my friends with that)!

SO I haven’t have much time to write this post, but there are so many people I want to thank but I know I will miss, so thank you guys for being part of me on this journey, it’s been a memorable 2 years and I’m so happy for them.