Discussion Post: Judging books by covers

Hello humans!! How are you all?

Judging books with covers that’s been my fatal flaw for ages!!

I mean people why are graphic designers there?? And why do authors spend so much time on covers and a new one with each edition?
Like it or not most people are like me and it’s seriously impossible not to judge a book and most of the times the books are represented beautifully by their covers and sometimes they are not 😒 (I used an emoji!! Mainly cause it’s world emoji day).

Usually whenever I am browsing and requesting books on net galley and adding books to my TBR on goodreads I get attracted by the covers and the titles the description and summary is second (and I usually don’t even read it).

So this has been something I have wanted to talk about for long and I really hope I’m not the only one who does this if you do it too do lemme know in the comments! (Seriously I am obsessed with gorgeous book covers and innovative titles I am lured by them ALL THE TIME).

Stay safe!

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25 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Judging books by covers

  1. It was judging a book by its cover that caused me to read my first Harry Potter book (which was it turns out the 2nd book in the series) Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.

    Because I was drawn to the image of the flying car that I saw on the cover.

    I’m glad I judged a book by its cover on that occasion because it caused me to discover the wonderful world of Harry Potter and friends and Hogwarts School.

    I, of course, went on to read all 7 books in the series.

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      • Same here! My Dad and my sister LITERALLY had to shove the book into my hands and make me read. (I was 7 so I could easily slip through) My sis read it when she was in 2nd grade. I read it when I was 9

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  2. For me, the summary comes first then I look at the book cover. I honestly don’t care about the cover as long as the content inside the book is good. That being said, I have gotten a couple of books purely because of the covers.

    Book covers are important though – they make or break the book. Neat, eye-catching book covers immediately put me at ease while colours not often used help me locate the book easily.

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  3. Yeah I completely agree with you, that happens so many times! There are so many cool and pretty covers that just make you want to read the book. For me though, I find the title more interesting and that’s what makes me want to read a book. For example, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief or The Mortal Instruments isn’t a title you come across daily. But sometimes yeah, I’m really impressed with the cover and read the book anyway. Great post!

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