Je ne sais pas

Hey people!
So I wrote a poem which is directed to those specific people who expect me to know everything because I’m a scholar, who mock me when I don’t know the answer, and the ones who treat me like an answer key, they are just so infuriating……….
And those teachers who pick on you when no one can answer just cause they don’t like you……..
Oh and ‘Je ne sais pas’ means I don’t know.

Je ne sais pas,
Am I the only one in class?
All those questions,
Directed at me when no one can answer....

Je ne sais pas,
When you ask me the answers,
Is it weird that I can't answer?
Just because I'm a scholar doesn't make me a genius,
I'm human you know....

Je ne sais pas,
No, I don't know everything in this world,
And yes some facts do surprise me,
That too weird for you?

Je ne sais pas,
Yes I do learn in class,
Is that astounding for you?
I don't have google in my head,
I can't possibly know something before the teacher teaches it,
Whoever the teacher may be,
Even if I know it, 
I might not understand it,
So I do need to listen in classes like you do,
Not a super human people...

Je ne sais pas,
Why is it so surprising,
I'm a human,
There are many things I am not aware of,
It's normal,
Just accept it....

Je ne sais pas tout,
C'est la vie pour toi,
At the end of the day,
I'm a human,
I don't know everything,
Stop exclaiming when I admit it,
I don't care what you think,
I have questions,
About studies,
About life,
And so many more,
I'm not your answer key,
Because many a times I myself don't know,
I don't care what you think,
When I tell you that,
Because the truth is,
Je ne sais pas la réponse,
Je n'ai pas peur de l'admettre.....

Do you find it annoying when people expect you to know everything just because you’re good at studies?

Stay safe, keep reading!

55 thoughts on “Je ne sais pas

  1. This is why I don’t say a word in online classes so that the teacher doesn’t think of me as a super genius
    People love to expect things and judge others

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  2. I usually love when I get the chance to answer, cuz my teachers ignore me as my answers and questions are too overpowered,
    Also, things can be taken positively too, which shows how much happy are those teachers seeing you answering
    Whenever I don’t know the answer I use logical fallacies, this makes my argument seemingly correct…

    I commented with the wrong ID if someone else would have said that it would have been way more sensible…

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  3. Such a great poem, Aanya! I could relate so much. I hate it when teacher asks me a question that others couldn’t answer, and if I’m also unable to answer it then all blame comes to me like I’ve done a crime. Instead of scolding any student, the teacher should focus on teaching that thing to make them understand properly, isn’t it what they are supposed to do!?

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  4. DAMN GURL!!!!!!
    I can relate!! I always receive a conference call before any exam, guess you know where I’m going…

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  5. I can relate so much!!!!!! If am good at a subject , doesn’t mean that I know everything in it ……… people call to clear their doubts before exam …. and if I ask anything or answer wrong , they’ll say that how come you didn’t know ? Am I not a human ?
    Duhhh Aanya this was soooo damn gooodddd!!!!!!

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  6. Wow, that’s a great poem and I completely agree with you. But in the past few months, I’ve learnt not to care. I answer what I know and say, I don’t know if I don’t know it no matter what others think and I really respect those teachers who like students that understand the concepts well and do well in exams and extra-curriculars rather than just answering in class. Thanks for the amazing post!!

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  7. I personally think you are right. Although not all the teachers ask me questions, my fellow students laugh and mock me if I don’t answer. They expect me not to make any mistakes and speak like a robot. If I made a tiny little mistake while speaking, they start mocking. It’s very relatable. Thank you!!!

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  8. It’s relatable to everyone in one way or other. People stereotype and tag you often and try to connect you with all of the traits that fall under that Tag. For instance, I do graphic design and illustration, and people be like – Design a 10 feet package!! 😮😮😮… Man I haven’t told the subcategory yet! 🤷‍♂️..

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