Grew up

I grew up
I mature from a bud to a flower
I left it all
All of my immaturity
My childhood
My joy
All the things that I loved
All of my toys
It breaks me to think about it
But as I grow
A new journey awaits me
But does it welcome me with open hands?
Maybe, only time can tell
Let me ponder on it
The bright side to this 
New journey of my life...........

What you actually thought I grew up, nah, I may be 13 now, and have suddenly grown up from all of my childhood joys, but I don’t think I am ready to grow up not now, not ever………

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63 thoughts on “Grew up

  1. I miss playing not just toys, but also miss how me and my once apartment friends who used to play all day just fell apart and now we are hardly friends anymore. It’s cruel the way something can be such a big part of your life and then the next day it’s just gone.
    I don’t neecssarily miss toys but the idea that you are trying to convey, that is so relatable, fascinating πŸ’–

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  2. It’s soooo relatable … I am already thirteen n m gonna b 14 soon .. it’s really difficult to get out of it . Getting suddenly mature is quite tough it’s been a year I have been a teen but playing with my lil sis . Sometimes games which are so childish also bring me pleasure.. am trying to get out of it and most of it I have done but still once in a blue moon the childishness arises .. I miss my doll so much , which now I ask my sister to keep it with her

    Sorry for my story
    Commendable post Aanya

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  3. Awww such a sweet, relatable poem! Instead of playing animals and family like the good ol’ days, we have drama and arguments 😦 I will miss the old days, but being older and more mature is quite fun

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