Potterly Wisdom #3

I am back, not from the hiatus, I am still on it, this is a scheduled post, I still have work to do!

I changed my bitmoji! Here it is-

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As for the the quote here you go-

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

 – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Hi Potterheads, so this is my first time writing a poem, I hope you like it, it’s an excerpt from a book, I am going to be publishing on kindle in a week or two. Most probably on Sep 12th. And the entire book is not poetry, I am not good at it!

Again, I am writing poem for the first time so, bear with me please!

Inspite of my faults hopefully the world finds me inspiring,

On a day which is yet to come,

Hopefully one day my views on the world change as the world changes, not me,

Hopefully I grow up, yet never leave my childishness,

Yet I hope, I grow up and mature into a beautiful flower,

Majestic, yet hidden in plain sight,

Hopefully one day I will find a deeper meaning to life,

Yet I hope, it always remains a mystery,

Hopefully one day I accept myself as ME,

And so will the world,

Yet I don’t care if it does or not,

For I will be me,

The real ME.

An excerpt from Letter to the world from a naive mind



Okay maybe I should have named this how to study like Hermione🤣🤣🤣.

If you are here for a HP post Look Away

Anyway, I got this idea from a blogger, who wanted me to tell her the best ways (ok my ways, but I call them the best ways🤣🤣)to prepare for an exam.

So first of all (PS a heads up I may sound like Hermione a lot of times, I have already started studying for college right now even though I am in 8th, I just love to study).

  • Revise what you learnt on today, today and at the end of week, don’t procrastinate.
  • Make a time-table, divide time for every subject.
  • Think of exams as fun, easy quizzes.
  • Have fun, go with a relaxed mind when you are going to give an exam.
  • Never study on the day of an exam or the evening before relax your mind at that time, read a book(ok so don’t do that, that’s what I do, and I don’t advise it🤣🤣, most of us are fed up from reading books, go play a game or something).
  • Stick to your timetable.
  • Don’t take stress listen to some music
  • Yeah, I can’t think of any more ideas if you have, then get in touch with me here or just comment on this post, if you have any post ideas, then you can get in touch with me here.
  • Ohh, I just remembered a very important one which is:

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